Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday 3rd July: Will Broome "House Of Propellers"

Will Broome has just unveiled his latest work which is actually his first solo show although already having already sold internationally, racked up a CV of collaborations such as Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Gucci and been published in the major magazine titles.  But I don't care about that, I care about how he actually comes up with the his trademark smile-inducing, deceivingly simple precise incidentals.  In the press-release it outlines that his work process is very intuitive and guided by mistakes which is the same page that I work from too!  So I got in touch with him to find out more ridiculous specifics on how he crafts the paper-cuts and new glittering bears...........(which were too tricky to photograph so you'll just have go to see for yourself!)

1)  What was your favourite illustrated book you had when you were a child and why?  

 I had a book of farm animals. According to my Mum, I used to sit on the potty and stare at the picture of the bull. Perhaps it helped me relax!? I guess that was my favourite.  I also liked:

The Butterfly Ball.

Where the Wild Things Are

The Hungry Caterpillar

The Mr.Men

 There was this book at school where this dude had done amazing drawings of animals that he thought might evolve. A swimming monkey, mad rhinocerous type things. I LOVED that book. I wish I could find it again.

My Dad had two Goodies annuals, I liked them.

 2)    What is your favouite weapon of choice?  Any novelty stationary we should know about?  ( I have many many rainbow rubbers!)

 I’m pretty straight forward on the old stationary front.  Berol broad and medium pens – black.  Letraset Pro markers – for colour.  Uniball pens.  Paper I nick out of photocopiers. Although I have been doing some printing and embossing lately so I am turning into a proper paper snob.  I do have a favourite pair of scissors. I have a panic if I can’t find them. Does that count?

 3)  Are you a collector?  If so, what is your collection?  (I collect robots!)

 I don’t collect anything I’m afraid.  I used to collect Star Wars figures and Panini stickers.  I always get a bit freaked out when grown men collect toys. When you go round someone’s flat and there are rows and rows of toys in boxes.  Release the toys, let your kids chew them.

 4)  If you design a bespoke wallpaper, whose house would you most like to see it in and what would be the pattern?

 I think it would be typical Will Broome images. Skulls, bears, lightening, some rude stuff and heavy metal imagery.  I saw AC/DC on Friday at Wembley and I guess that’s still fresh in my mind. So, I’ll say Bon Scott, although he died in 1980. Brian Johnson is a great front man too. He was on fire on Friday.  But, I always prefer the songs when Bon sung them. When I was about 10 I wanted to BE Bon Scott.  I think I’d wallpaper his bedroom, because LOTS of people, mainly groupies, would see my wallpaper then.  AC/DC were brilliant by the way.

 5)    You had an exhibition in the toilets of Bistroteque once.  What is your dream bizarre venue to adorn the walls with your art?  

 I like drawing in their toilets. They’re good those two, they just do what they like. I think it’d have to be somewhere unexpected. A toilet kind of suited it.

A crop circle, I’ll say a ‘Will Broome’ crop circle.

 6)    In your opinion who is the best draftsmen of your time?

 I love Alan Aldridge and Boris Vallejo for their abilities with the airbrush. They still bend my head. Are they draftsmen?  It’s miles from what I do, but I love their stuff.

Thanks to Will for putting down the hammer on Tuesday to answer my questions, and thanks to Camille for the photos.  I want a mug!  That wasn't a credit, just a thought.

"There's something in the wardrobe"

Friday 3rd July: Maxatronic

Now that's an accessory!  No its not a tattoo.  Just one of Maki's illustrations which she has drawn on herself.  As you do.  I love her funny drawings!  Maybe if i ever get a tattoo, I will commission her to design it.  This one has a French phrase about melting sugar.  Not quite sure what the relevance or meaning behind it is, you never quite know with Maki.  She likes to to keep you guessing.........

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Thurs 2nd July: Missing Cat in Spitafield's area

Dan Wilton's cat is missing so anyone that is passing through the Bishopsgate area, please keep your eye's peeled for this identifiable ginger moggy.  When I profiled Dan's photography a couple of months ago, he said Ron was his favourite thing to photograph!........... So he's evidently an integral part to his life.......he must be found!  Please remember this fluffy face.

Thurs 2nd July: Sebastian Camilleri

To wrap up the Print Club's studio visit, here is the work of Sebastian Camilleri who makes up the final triptych element of this creative trio.  His most recent prints are inspired by "Invisible Cities" the novel by Italian writer Italo Calvino.  Its a book that explores imagination through descriptions of cities/human nature and is actually structured in a pattern of numbers that maps each section.  You can see Seb's original A1 positives hanging on his wall and the final prints he displayed for last week's show.
Ive also included his MA film which was made from projecting graphics onto the side of a house  also linked to themes of memories from dwellings and living space ................... aptly in these 3 posts I have been able to show you the designer's own work space and the desks were they reside to create the art and in turn the exhibit which was the secret off-shoot to the official poster show downstairs..........

26 Tavignano from sebastian camilleri on Vimeo.

To check out more

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Weds 1st July: Too Much

So no blog entry for today.  No time to spare from running around in this midsummer madness.  I had the honour of Simon Foxton's precious time this afternoon to interview him for a feature about his exhibition.  I'm late posting a profile about Print Club's resident artist Sebastian Camilleri.  I have some beautiful sunset shots from a rooftop sculpture exhibition from yesterday ............also shots of Bethan Wood's RCA MA show from a few hours ago.............and now I'm off to see La Roux perform as she is No.1 with her single Bulletproof which has the video featuring my dodecahedrons.........oh and on Friday I'm posting an interview with illustrator Will Broome who is opening his exhibit tomorrow eve..........

Here is a treat I discovered on my window when I got home last night........Vicky has returned from Portugal and snuck into my room to decorate it with something Fredilicious that she picked up on her travels............THANKYOU!

Anyone out in the East please look out for Dan Wilton's lost legendary cat RON.  There is a search party going out on the hunt at 9p.m in Spitafields...........check for details:

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tues 30th June: Chrissie Abbott

Chrissie's corner

The print room downstairs 

One third of the creative triangle I visited at Print Club, is Chrissie Abbott, who was the 1st resident of this enclosed special space.  Triangle or Pyramid is actually a reoccurring theme in her work as I discovered that she is the artist behind the recognisable identity and artwork for "Little Boots".  Her prints on show were a broad mix of imagery and great selection to choose from as a potential collector!  Chrissie's work is identifiably other-worldly which resonates with my unicorn-dingly appreciations for all things mythological and psychedelic.   Some the pieces were collage with textures including this cat accessorized with a heart made from those plastic pellets I think you melt in the oven.  Wow, that would be a good idea............Chrissie Abbott's own design templates to bake your own cosmic objets d'art!

To see more of her editorial and commercial commissions:

(Top 2 images borrowed from Chrissie's blog.  Apologies my blogger has messed with the colours.  But its quite a nice accident i think?!  I hope!)

Tues 30th June: Glastonbury Festival 2009 by Laura Bradley

Seems everyone (well apart from a few stragglers I imagine)  are back to the grindstone from the weekend at Worthy Farm.   So here are some final images to say sayonara to another year of magic and mayhem across the 8 mile stretch.  Look at these hazy colour fused snaps of the Park field taken for me by Laura Bradley.  I will stop rubbing salt in my wound and sign off the coverage from Glastonbury with these dreamy shots.  For those who have returned with their heads hanging low, this will bring back some happy memories...............

Thanks to all my contributors who took time out from chilling out and searching out Butlerstyle moments to ping over.  Laura is not only the Fashion Features Editor of but also the mastermind behind the Fashion Almanac.  Last week she was guest contributor to so for anyone who missed her interview and 5 favourite things.............go back to check it out...........  

Monday, 29 June 2009

Mon 29th June: Rosy Nicholas

So here is a more in depth studio report from the Print Club community.  Here is Rosy Nicholas with her thinking cap on.  What great thoughts it must channel if you look at the beautiful Pharaoh print that she produced for the poster sale.  I'm very pleased to say that I am the owner of one myself, albeit it 2nd (generously donated to the Butler foundation).  But I love a bonus thumb smudge on my prints!  Especially if its from these talented crafty fingers!  
Rosy also creates her collage world of characters via the means of stop frame animation..............take a look at this super cute clip "Terrible" which must have taken HOURS.  Above is a snap of her light box and  shapes that she has fun messing around with to create her colourful see more and enquire about purchasing a rosy-cheeked work of art .........

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sun 28th June: Last Footwear

Alex Herdman's own designs
Her inspiration as decoration

Shop fittings and fixtures
Ruth Bartlett Embroidered Hankerchief £15
Cydwoq - Mosaic £179.99  (shoe to left), Cydwoq - Office Button £189.99 (shoe to right)
Barbara Wiggins Large Satchel:  £85.99

Sarah Townsend Hand Made Leder Pixie Dolls:  £85:00
Lindsay Wright Medals:  £40

I travelled down to Brighton today for some research and accidentally fell asleep on the beach and  burnt my face in the bonkers sunshine.   I stayed up most of the night torturing myself watching Glastonbury on iplayer, unable to rest with agitated energy like a child knowing its missing out on what's going on.  But I did go outside for a cigarette in the early hours and had to stand barefoot I'm my flooded garden, so I shut my eyes and it almost felt as if I was in the fields.  IMAGINATION.
So back to is boutique "Last" set up by my cordwainer friend Alex Herdman.  It is a specialist shoe and accessories shop selling a mixture of international designers and local Brighton practitioners.  Alex is a fashion-fetishist for hosiery, and has invested dedicated energy into sourcing a comprehensive range of weird and wonderful socks, tights, garters, girdles and suspender belts.  She also offers a bespoke service to design shoes specific to your own choice of shape and leathers.  With a few fittings required the whole process takes aprox 6 weeks and prices start at £500. 
To view/purchase the extensive line of goodies that Alex has selected with her super cute sensibility, step straight to: