Saturday 10 April 2010

Sat 10th April: Liberty for Target

I'm packing up to move out of the studio so team Hillman can make space to wonder with props left over like this GIANT cupcake from the Liberty for Target campaign.  Here is Andy earlier infront of one of the London buses with the advert across the side............if you have also noticed some technicolour Lavazza billboards down on the tube platforms that's also by Hillman Studio...........of which you can get a calender to see all the images!
(Both campaigns by different photographers!.........go sleuth)

Sat 10th April: Laura Mackness launch

Thanks to Amy Gwatkin for these photos of Laura's launch on Thursday.  I forgot to take pics as I was so engrossed in catching up with Michael Van Der Ham ............pumping him for stories and gossip from his recent meeting with The Queen!  (see more on Lulu's blog)
Congrats Laura on a winning collection............I'm ordering some coral leggings with eyelash printed knees..........can't wait to wear those and introduce a new colour to my rainbow! 

Thursday 8 April 2010

Thurs 8th April: Birthday Wishes from Piers Atkinson

Another birthday treat that I will treasure forever was a personally hand delivered Piers Atkinson head piece.............
I have taken this snap on my computer to tip you off about a new interview over or Dazed Digital.........

Thurs 8th April: Supermarket Sarah "Royale with Cheese"

A few of us collected in the Wonder Room of Selfridges in wonder and awe at Sarah's "Wonder Wall" Royal with Cheese and give her a massive pat on the back.  Its now open to the public to "pick your own".............instead of clicking with a cursor it is totally interactive and a case of lifting the goods off the wall to buy them then and there.  Sarah will be replenishing with new varied items until the new theme next week................stayed tuned to find out!  But for now take your pic from a variety of designer and vintage treasures...........including specially commissioned Supermarket paraphernalia made by Georgina Bacchus .........and this outsize sewn canvas Tesco bag by Rebecca Manley and my own star clips which have been worn by Marina & The Diamonds.
Sarah is going to be explaining all online with her own blog as part of the new Selfridges website which is launching at a press event this evening........

Thurs 8th April: Ada Zanditon at Circus 4th Birthday

Jodie Harsh invited me to the top of Centre Point for the 4th Birthday Party of "Circus".  When I wasn't gazing out of the windows across the metropolis skyline, I was dancing with a mobile phone.  The leopard print legs that were on view jiving beneath the life-size cell, were that of designer Ada Zanditon.  After navigating the club like a floating "wordy", Ada left the night having handed over the costume to a stranger to carry on the fun .............. who knows where it may end up............
(thanks to Ada for the pic, not sure who to credit, sorry)

Wednesday 7 April 2010

Weds 7th April/; Laura Mackness for Weekday

This week is the launch of the Laura Mackness diffusion line / collaboration in partnership with Swedish label "Weekday".  I'm very excited!  I am a big fan of her aesthetic and the chance to buy into it with this project is just brilliant.  Her trademark witty illustration style has transformed from the luxury line up of her M.A collection and been applied skillfully to accessible separates.   
Her new prints of wandering hands and tan lines are inspired by sporadic sources such as artists Francois and Jean Robert as well as her own collection of watches.  Surreal?  Yes, that's Mackness.  I asked Laura to explain a little bit about how the project came about:  

"Weekday saw my MA collection and were interested in using the graphic style prints for a range of t-shirts, from this also then came the leggings and the vest dress. I was really keen to do it as people had always commented on how well the prints would work on basic t-shirts and how desirable they would be. I also loved the idea of my designs being more widely available and being accessible to a different market"

In the past Weekday have stocked 48 different designers such as Anne-Sofie Back, Acne, Marjan Pejoski and JCDC.  This partnering has progressed into exclusive collaborations working with a a homegrown Swedish designer such as Carin Wester and international designers with the latest for S/S10 being Peter Jensen.   These words come from Weekday on the choice of approaching Laura:
"Weekday has always been interested in new design that are brave and open
minded and to pick up new up and coming Young designers. St.
Martins is of course the leading school of fashion at the moment so it
was very natural for us to work with them. We chose Laura Mackness due
to her very strong graphic expression and her way to work and use
colors. We are super happy about the result, it's a vibrant collection
with attitude and a strong graphic expression based on her last
collection at st. Martins."

Here are some scans of Laura's sketchbook which she kindly sent over and one of her snap's from the launch in Stockholm....................I can't wait to see the pieces tomorrow, especially winking knee leggings!

Weds 7th April: Super Market Sarah set up at Selfridges

Its the biggest one yet and most exciting destination to date.  Supermarket Sarah spent last night setting up her first "Wonder Wall" in the Wonder Room of Selfridges entitled "Royale with Cheese".  Whilst the rest of us were in the land of nod, Sarah was in a land of realising her dreams by setting up shop in her favourite shop!  You can see her here standing proud below a physcadelic stag's head and wedged inbetween some Scott Ramsay Kyle dresses.  
She will be creeping back at dusk for a further 3 intervals exchanging the goods to create new themes for her "Wonder Wall" so keep your eyes on the prize before it gets snapped up. 
I just got this image from Sarah so Im guessing that she is heading straight to bed for a snooze............a well earned rest!  Congrats Sarah!

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Tues 6th Arpil: Susie Bubble Representing

The princess of refreshing dress up and doyenne of genuine enjoyment and fun for everything fashion Miss Susie Bubble has teamed her Hibiscus Ridiculous necklace with a Mary Katrantzou printed dress, Markus Lupfer lace-up leggings, and Acne shoes.  

All images taken by Style Salvage Steve, lifted from Style Bubble  

Tues 6th Arpil: Makeup by Megumi Matsuno

A couple of weeks ago I had my face transformed for a portrait by the brilliant Megumi Matsuno.
Not only is she an excited experimental  artist but she is a natural beauty who could quite easily do the modelling instead of the beauty!  Inbetween brush strokes she showed me some pages of her sketch book where she invents her looks.  I remembered one of a full face design like a skull from "The day of the dead".  
Via the magic force of facebook I discovered that this maquillage from Megumi has now reared its head in the form of a music video for Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary.  Rankin & Chris directed "Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't've" a cover of the Buzzcocks original covered byThe  Noisettes.  Inbetween Shingai Shoniwa looking iconically beautiful are shots of an equally hot bodded boy made up with Megumi's master plan.  I got in touch with her to find out more:
"..............skull make-up that I had a offer from Rankin as a promotion.
He had an idea for crazy white skull make-up for black skin model and I just build up his idea to my artistic crazy style..
I drew 4 to 5 different style of skull and Rankin choose one of these.
Took 3 hours with 2 assistants.(Patrycja Grimm and Yuka Hirata).They helped me a lot!
I even didn't know that was used for them finally and I just know it from my assistant."  
To watch the full clip click below and to find out more about other bands involved in the project click here:
(Thanks to Megumi for her images)