Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sat 18th April: Dog Days

Thank God the sun shone down today for me to schlep my counterfeit Chanel bags into Soho to do an installation at Kokon To Zai. As they are made from magazine pages I was mildly concerned about them disintegrating in the rain. Although I didn't actually wear the bag this time! (as it was originally made for my SHOWstudio film). To add to the archive piece, I have made a new mini rainbow version which I intended to go on a dog for the lady to have on the chain as a leash. But it seems that a dog mannequin is not as easy to find as one would think! So as it turns out she is wearing the bag on her shoulder but it still looks very nice. Its always good fun putting up a window, feeling like a goldfish in a bowl with people peering in to see whats going on.
Here are the two beautiful boys who were at KTZ today whom I will look up when I have time to report on what they do when not cutting a dash at the shop...............check back for deats.
Big shout out to the helpers that have come in for odd days and each contributed to a different section of the new bag's completion............Rosy Nicholas, Sasha Williams, Naomi Attwood, Thom Bird, Camille Jacquemart................and Bethany Winning for the donation of her Vogue back catalog for sabotage..........

To see the original film from Jan 08 :

Sat 18th April: Thom Bird

Thanks to illustrator Thom Bird for helping me out for a few days this week with the box production for my press day on the 23rd. I forget to catalogue the changing face of the walls of the studio so its a nice opportunity to see it from an objective view when visitors take snaps. Here are a couple from Thom's new blog ...................

above my desk and Andy Macgregors cuckoo clock above our door......

Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday 17th April: Eureka!

My motto is to live everyday as if it were your last...................burn the candle at both ends...................sleep when you die............
So when I get asked to do things, I rarely turn down an offer. I want to experience everything, even if it is terrifying and distinctly not my bag. So when I was approached to take part in an evening at The Design Museum I said yes without really knowing what it was. As it is a night of events in conjunction with the current Hussein Chalayan exhibition and it looks like its going to be really fascinating with a comprehensive list of happenings. Its very exciting to be billed alongside the following designers but also very scary because I have volunteered my services to run a workshop on how to make accessories! I like a good challenge!? So far I have managed to confront my social skill inadequacies by taking part in TV and college lectures, so I'm gonna give this my best shot. As long as Mr.Chalayan doesn't come and sit in on the proceedings to judge my glue-gun antics that is! Here is the official blurb for more constructive enlightenment on the goings on :

Inspired by the work of Hussein Chalayan, there will be a number of presentations, in various formats, of subtle and highly intuitive ideas from today's emerging designers with innovations in menswear, accessories, print, colour, knitting and tailoring. This is a chance to see their work – not just on display but also in action.

Highlights include a talk on intellectual property and how this is becoming increasingly relevant for today's designer, an open forum with the designers discussing their work and role in fashion and a special presentation by shoe designer Rosemary Wallin. Visitors can also participate in workshops led by accessories designer Fred Butler and be entertained by classical music and DJs throughout the night at the ground floor bar.

The designers participating in Eureka Night include:
Innovations in knits: Cooperative Designs, Derek Lawlor, & Sandra Backlund
Innovations in tailoring: Timothy Lee, Nicola Morgan
Innovations in fabric treatment: Kinga Malisz & Iris Van Herpen
Innovations in menswear: Katie Eary & James Long
Innovations in print and colour: Gemma Slack & Rohan Kale
Innovations in footwear: Rosemary Wallin
Innovations in accessories: Piers Atkinson, Maria Francesca Pepe, & Fred Butler

Here is the flyer which I'm mega chuffed with as my accessories are in the imagery and also here are two Chalayan flick books from past exhibitions and the current catalogue designed by ABAKE.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thurs 16th April: Gravity's Rainbow

Thanks to stylist Thomas Sels for using my S/S ear piece in his story for the new issue of INDIE magazine with a title including the word RAINBOW! Double High Five!

(Photo: Babette Pauthier, Makeup: Megumi Matsuno.........who did the makeup for the original press shots!, Hair: Matsushita Hiroshi, Model: Lydia K)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Weds 15th April: Cake Face

Hillman Studio had a visit today from Pawel (a.k.a Miles Aldridge's assistant) with a bag of treats. Since Andy and him have just returned from shooting in Rome, it seems their taste for patisserie has got a bit flash, Fellini style. Hell yeah!
The 2 camps have been regularly combining forces on shoots for various Vogues and campaigns such as Mac and Lavazza. Some of these images are currently on show as part of Aldridge's exhibition "Doll Face" at the Hamiltons Gallery which accompanies the release of Aldridge's new coffee-table book. So this weekend, why not pop along to the show, pick up the the publication, put your feet up, pig out on some posh pastries and thumb your way through some signature slick saccharine set-ups by Hillman and other set designer Stevie Stewart..............................

Weds 15th April: Streetstyle Aesthetic

"its not just the clothes- its the people who wear them"

My newly discovered favourite streetstyle blog/website by photographer Wayne Tippetts who I met at the LFW tents. Not only is he instinctively snapping the most interesting looking fashion folk and snazzy civilians, but he adds to the sharp images with candid commentary. If possible Wayne asks the subject for their name and an anecdote to give context to his portraits. The titles are great these two being "Brief Encounter" and "Fringe Benefits" (being stylist Liz Cardwell sporting a Cooperative hoody here!).
For anyone who has had their fill of The Sartoriliast or Facehunter formats...........check out'm hooked!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Mon 13th April: Easter Bonnet Pineapple Parade

If there was any one thing I made sure of doing this Easter, it was catching my local Easter Bonnet Parade. I nobley patronised the event as a mere spectator rather than a contestant, so as not to steal any thunder and clear the board on my 1st entry. How wrong could I be! Check this out! The kid who had a giant "egg-stinct" Archaeopteryx was out of control! Not only did the eyes and beak light up, but it also had a hidden sqwarking noise mechanism installed. There was an "Easter Party Liner" ship with spinning LED fans. Other bonnets of note was this fantastic hot egg complete with soldiers and the various pineapple theme variations in honour of the event's home - The Pineapple pub. Never again will I be so presumptious with my hat making skills, this is clearly an annual affair with a serious callibre of competitors. I love that insane English traditions are not dying out and still alive, well and crazy in the confines of Camden Town.