Friday 23 May 2008

Friday 23rd May: Pinstripe Delight

And what a delight...............lunch for both a visual and gastronomic feast! Bishi has been busy performing lots of varying concerts recently and is taking part in "The Long Weekend" event at the Tate Modern tomorrow. She is joining Patrick Wolf on stage in the Turbine Hall to accompany Nan Goldin's slideshow presentation of "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency".

Legendary clubnight Kashpoint is also returning for a special one-off occasion to launch her latest single release "'On My Own Again". At Moonlighting on Greek Street from 22hrs til 03:30hrs. Get your glad rags on.......................

Thurs 22nd May: Grun

Last month Gary Card created a giant wicker hand and hoisted it up on a roof in Clerkenwell as part of the Adidas Grun project - Guerrilla Gardening. Tara Darby had a private view of her photographs from the commissioned artists work last evening at the Dazed Gallery. Here is Gary with his new violet crop and Bethan Wood who was his accomplice in the wicker weaving. I didn't have time to go and see it before I went on holiday but I did by chance drive past and admire Jay Burridge's floral billboard ..................but Tara's exhibition is on for a month so luckily this ephemeral art is not lost forever...........

Wednesday 21 May 2008

Weds 21 May: New Kabiri Image

I stopped by Jewelry boutique "KABIRI" today and was reminded that Annie Collinge has just shot this fantastically candy crisp new press image for them...............

Tuesday 20 May 2008

Tues 20th May: PonyTail

Maki Lou Lou's (a regular visitor to our studio) special commissioned cuffs grace the cover of the 1st issue of Ponytail Magazine. In addition to this, there is a spectacular folded paper collar and fur pom pom. The shoot was styled by Rachel Garcia and shot by Jonathan Hallam.

Monday 19 May 2008

Sun 18th May: Skin & Bones

"Skin & Bones" is the fashion/architecture exhibition on at Somerset house this summer. I confess to ignoring the architectural displays to make room in my brain for processing the amount of mannequins on display. In a similar way to the SuperHero's exhibit (both sharing Chalayan Remote control dresses) this is an excellent opportunity get close to beautiful garments. Its a real treat to spend time inspecting show pieces by Junya Wattanabe, V&R, McQueen, Boudicca................not to mention the whole set up from Chalayan/Tomlinson furniture fashion show which was the most exciting feature for me. For fans of Comme and Yamamoto it is very heavy on these designers so hot-step it down there asap.

NB These images are not from Skin & Bones. Photography is not permitted so Ive included my photo of a V&R piece from the Arnhem Biennial. Also from Arhnem, is this outfit by Yoshikazu Yamagata which I just had to include here for its literal reference to Architecture........................

Monday 19th May: Aurevoir Irredescance

A few of my signature pieces are made using an irredescent foil. I have run out of suppliers as it seems its not being manufactured anymore which has been a relatively tramatic relevation for me. But as a positive send-off, this head piece has just been published in Russian Vogue, shot by Ellen Von Unwerth and styled by Simon Robins.

Saturday 17th May: Photographer's Gallery

To finish off a day at the museums I nipped into the Photographer's Gallery on my way home. I got drawn in by his work in the exhibit on of new Colombian photography. It is a wall of daily updated passport pictures over 7 years by Juan PabloEcheverri. Its fascinating and astounding how much he radically changed his appearance just via his hair and facial hair. When I was at university and photo booths were only £1 I used to regularly do a similar recording of my style evolution. Its a shame I stopped because otherwise I would also have a 7 year catalogue that i reckon would be quite a colourful journey............