Saturday 8 August 2009

Sat 8th August: ICONIC: Screened Memories with Jeffrey Hinton


If I hadn't been born with a debilitating curse of shyness, this would be a really fascinating entry.  As it is, I can hardly get eye contact with myself in the mirror, let alone anyone else when I meet them.  This poses a predicament when it comes to taking people's portrait for this blog.  I am regularly kicking myself from missed opportunities and last evening was one of the most enraging and  excruciating experiences.
Tim Dimoline tipped me off about his friends film screening at the NPG in association with the new "Gay Icons" exhibition.  Jeffrey Hinton showed 90 mins of selected footage from his archives of 80's London nightlife which captured moments from the small creative circle of collaborators.  It ranged from scenes of Taboo, Alternative Miss World, Bodymap runway shows, Michael Clark performances, Leigh Bowery makeup profile, dressing room dragging up..................
Most of the faces in the films turned up for the event and the resplendent attendance included............Andrew Logan, Mr.Pearl, Stevie Stewart, David Holah, Les Child, Kate Garner, Michael Kostiff, Judy Blame, Wolfgang Tillmans, Princess Julia...............
As we looked on at the large projection of candid shots it seemed inappropriate to get papping old friends reuniting to muse over memories.  
As I understand it there were only a very few nights on in a month and this is how the personalities found each other and connected originally.  It would be something like on the first Thursday of the month or something else on the Fourth the select few visionaries in town would congregate on the same dates to find solice in each others souls.  How fantastic that Jeffrey was there with a camera.  However, he was actually in quite a bit of the action so Tim recalled that he may well have been responsible for some of the cinematography.............but can't quite remember............or remember where they were or what they were doing...........symptomatic of the times..........CLASSIC.........LOVE IT!  
I really hope that Jeffrey can contribute these film canisters to a festival or museum some day.  I would love to watch them again and I bet many others would too............... 

Friday 7 August 2009

Friday 7th August: Ellis Scott

Just before leaving for Ellis Scott's exhibition I twittered to someone else attending "take your brolly", then promptly forgot to take my own.  30 minutes later after the monsoon,  my pink rip-stock nylon jumpsuit was stuck to my skin (*little was left to the imagination*) and my mascara had migrated to my chin............just the look I was going for when I got dressed in the morning.  So feeling self-assured in my perfect private view attire,  I was very relieved to finally arrive at Digitaria and find everyone else in the same condition.  So well done to all who ran the gauntlet of the Bladerunner London night to turn out in support.  "Drowned Rat" was the official look of the launch.
Ellis's first solo show is a mini history of performance art over the last few years with gritty glittery beautiful snapshots of The-O and the like.  He is never without his trademark accessory of a camera, so I bet his back catalogue of nightlife documentary snaps is quite something!  The show is on until Sept 20th so there is plenty of time to wait for the weather to subside and head into Soho.  Whilst you are there you can pick up one of Scottee's tees..........seen here with the beautiful Rosy Nicholas who discovered that her fro can be slicked to great effect.........reminiscent of a Robert Palmer girl we concluded?!

Digitaria London

60 Berwick St, Soho W1

Thursday 6 August 2009

Thurs 6th August: Music

My webmaster Luke Tarpey has set up a new section on my site for "Music" and in the process of transferring everything over................
Here are 2 of the latest bits of FBStyle Music news:  Skin wearing bespoke shoulder piece to the Kerrang awards on Monday and Master Shortie wearing caterpillar necklaces on his new single cover................. 
Can't actually believe these things are happening............when I was at school each of my 4 bedroom walls were papered with music mag they include things I have made  * Job Satisfaction*

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Weds 5th Aug: Neel's World

Neel Morley is one of life's refreshing, reliable, resilient and relentless joys.  His laugh is just one of the things that hooks you straight in to this talent.  The other thing is that every day of his life is living and breathing art..........and it is all meticulously catalogued in beautiful hand written and decorated diary's.   I first met Neel when he was working on photo-booth portraits with ingenious sets, costumes and makeup..............and casting or more accurately - coercing!.........(you can see our Rainbow Brite theme at the bottom).  Now that 4 shot photo-booths have been phased out, Neel has switched his energies to photoshoots in far flung destinations.  He picks one of the Worlds wonders and dresses accordingly........this has meant schlepping mummies outfits to Egypt and the next is the Great Wall of China (for which you can see my invitation above).
Whilst he is in Brighton saving up funds for the adventures, he fuels the creative fire with other projects.  This weekend was Pride and Neel took the theme from the Carousel on the beach for the LGBT Switchboard float "Life's Ups & Downs".   Although its been a big venture to organise all the components, Neel has still found time to make costumes for the music festivals this year e.g  SGP star below...........If you see him at more festivals please say hello and your weekend will suddenly improve by 101%.......................  

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Tues 4th Aug: Anna Trevelyan Interview

When stylist Anna Trevelyan got in touch to interview me for her blog I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a 2 way interrogation.  Anna likes to change the format of each profile that she does ............hand written scans or I suggested that we do a Gillian Wearing inspired set of answers.  Once I received her questions, I set about photographing the responses in site specific destinations.  This involved my mum snapping me in the fountain at Somerset House, Camille shooting me downstairs in Flashback record shop, stopping Alex working and getting her to pose with a the skull she was styling.  All of it was hilarious and took a bloody long time to compile.  I also regularly kicked myself as I kept missing genius opportunities on a daily basis when I would find myself somewhere bizarre but without paper and pen...........or simply forget when i was having too much fun.  Anna too hasn't been able to do a portrait for each one because of her hectic schedule as Nicola Formichetti's assistant..............which you'll find a little bit about if you read below.
To read my answers over at her fantastic blog, head to: 
(you need to skip the content warning..........don't worry its all clean)
 1:  Favourite / most inspiring fashion shoot ever?

2:  Favourite Heroine & "look" from a film?

Dress by Lello Ascione, Watch by G Shock (courtesy of Jaiden Rva JAmes) Minx Nails by Teres Smith @ Jed Root

3:  Favourite item that you have ever called in for a shoot?
4:  Favourite outfit / item from your childhood?
Tights by Celestine Stein, Shoes by Vivienne Westwood
5:  Favourite combination of tune, dj, dancefloor & dance partner?

6:  Favourite fashion party memory / moment?

7:  Favourite Music Video & why?

8:  Favourite place to buy your accessories?
Dress by Jean Charles de Castelbajac
9:  Favourite thing Nicola Formichetti has taught you / introduced you to?

Monday 3 August 2009

Tues 4th Aug: Scottee's tee's

Scottee has cunningly put his moniker where his mouth is, and transformed "Scottee" into "Scot - tee" to launch a line of T-Shirts.  With his lipstick smudge kisser as the signature slogan print emblazoned on the front.  "One Size Fits All" is a new venture that Scottee has designed for Digitaria who will be selling the limited-edition T in both Athens and London.  Its Utopian benevolent ambition is to bring about more awareness of the out-moded sizing system within the retail industry.  Typically stores only supply sizes up to XL, so here is the answer to fashion's endemic obsolete size sampling........ a fun t-shirt that comes in XXXL for anyone and everyone to enjoy.  Scottee has extended the project by inviting a few of his fellow designer friends to create some customized couture pieces - NOKI, Emma Bell & Lee Benjamin.  I have a feeling that there may well something else in the pipeline for the future so I'll be sure to check-in with Scottee come September to see what else he has up his sleeve..........  

Press shots by Paul Joyce  

Portrait by yours truly from Feb 08 backstage at the Brits (

London - Digitaria, 60 Berwick St, Soho W1

Athens - Digitaria Showroom, K44 Building, Konstantinopoleos 44 |

Mon 3rd August: A bit of Logan?

This familiar looking piece has appeared in the window of the office downstairs.............Im so nosy, I desperately want to know where and when it came from .............these studios have been here for 15 years so who knows who has passed through....................

Mon 3rd August: A bit more Blame

Last year I asked Christopher Shannon to send me a photo of his inspiration wall for a blog post on  He kindly obliged on the condition that it was a swapsy.  I would have to contribute something to his space.  Being the prompt person that I am, it has only taken 2 seasons to get round to it!  Here is the rocket which was originally made for a British Vogue shoot but never used..................but has more recently been flown to NYC for a Japanese fingers crossed it may get its moment of glory.  But even if not, its having fun jazzing up Shannon's gallery, sitting atop an Emin bow and a Blame bag.  Chris and Judy once collaborated on some T-Shirt designs which you can see at his site.  Congratulations Chris on gaining a place showing with MAN again this season.................can't wait to see .............!