Saturday 19 April 2008

Friday 18th April: Mishkin

A meeting with photographic partners "Mishkin" (alias Anna Leader and Amy Gwatkin) at their new studio in Dalston.

Friday 18th April: Blood on Paper

We customized a book this week for a display that will be on show during the Friday late event for the current exhibition "Blood on Paper" at the V&A. Artists have been sent a penguin book to transform, which will be placed together in a special library in the main entrance.

Friday 18 April 2008

Thurs 17th April: Who is It?

Bjork at Hammersmith Apollo..............Highlight for me was "Who Is It?"...............and white streamers that burst from her palms during hunter ...............

Thursday 17 April 2008

Thurs 17th April: Design Editions

My friends ADi Angela & GABi have designed a shift exclusively for Gap as part of the new design edition range. They were invited alongside a few other designers, from making the shortlist nominees in the recent CFDA awards. Finally their genius pattern cutting is getting the distrubution it deserves to spread the word of ThreeAsFOUR.

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Tues 15th April: Gloved-Up Birthday

Laura a.k.a "Gloved Up" spent her birthday party on roller skates, dancing to the beats on wheels and inspiring a resurgence of trips to the local rink. Here are the gloves that she gave out to guests...............inverse generous gift giving............
Gloved up make gloves on comission for stylists such as Patti Wilson and Lucinda Chambers, designers such as Hetherette and Diesel and for musicians Madonna and Peaches............Anna Piaggi is a big fan too!

Tues 15th April: More Birthday Treats

Maki brought a perfectly fitting blue sparkly giftbag for my blue glitter makeup day. Contents of which, being my birthday presents .............hand crafted birds you can see here and an insanely lush concertina fold out book of artwork.

Tues 15th April: Butler-Style Boxes

Holly Ormrod joined the team in helping with all aspects of the collection. But I think that her favorite part might have been sole charge of designing and making the boxes for the pieces. As the accessories are so delicate, they need special care in transport. We solved the problem by cutting special boxes to house them. Recycling has proved not only environmentally friendly but also an unexpected graphic treat!

Monday 14 April 2008

Sunday 13th April: Spadger Kitten

My fellow Blondie-in-crime Amy Gwatkin has undergone a beautiful new shade..................

Sunday 13th April: Plink Plonk

Grey Gardens screening hosted by Jeanette, feigning as a Beale descendent, aptly dressed in pink fur and blue head scalf. His silhouette seen here, doing a majorette dance to great applause whilst the credits scrolled.

Sunday 13 April 2008

Saturday 12th April: Warrior Princess

My favourite stylist Susie Lloyd has requested me to make a new piece for a shoot with music artist Bishi. Based on a feeling of warrior queen/romantic pierrot - she wanted a cape with feathers. So I have breathed new life into this piece I had from another project. By making honeycomb balls and sequins out of aluminium coated fabric for some understated shimmer and femininity.