Sunday 31 December 2017

Sunday 31st December: Haeckels, Margate

You may have noticed Haeckels products along your Christmas shopping safaris in different cities.   Here is the home and hub of the ethical enterprise in Margate, Kent with the boutique situated right on the seafront.  These ocean inspired perfumes and cosmetics developed to heal, care and scent the body are derived from the local seaweed botanicals.  Haeckels have a licence to harvest their own marine minerals for their "Thalassotherapy" practise which bases it's products on properties from the ocean.  The range of hand-made luxury goodies are packaged in sustainable, exquisitely designed boxes and glass vials - absolutely no plastic bottles here!!!!!  Each eau de parfum comes in a 100ml amber bottle which is laser etched with the GPS coordinate, the day they first went to it and the weather on that day!

Head over to their site to see more from the series of incense, candles, balms, serums, scents, bath salts and even tea!