Friday 2 September 2016

Friday 2nd September: Notting Hill Carnival 2016, Soundsystems & steel pan floats

Since 1973 when Leslie Palmer invited local Jamaican soundsystems to take part in the Trinidadian Notting Hill Carnival, it's steel-pan soundscape changed forever.   Now the official map of W9 includes 38 static stages dotted around the streets of the procession.  There's even an APP to navigate your way between them all.  However if you can't physically join the festivities on the day you can sit back in the comfort of your own home and stream the scene live and direct.  I think FACT TV teamed up with ToddlaT but for the most part it's thanks to the initiative of pioneering broadcasters BoilerRoom who worked with the establishment to cover 10.  
Despite the cultural event being the largest street festival in Europe it hasn't ever had equivalent coverage of other music festivals on the major networks.  Until now.  Here you can see the print design on the commemorative BoilerRoom T-Shirt from Stussy using a collage of carnival imagery sourced by Eve Dawoud and the listings from Aba-Shanti to Saxon Sound.  Here's the orange speaker stack at Channel One, my friend Chippy dancing high on a railing at Deviation and a family enjoying their party packs with horns and bandannas.  I managed to visit a few inbetween by Patron duties on the parade, and dip into Different Strokes to see Lizzie King & Anna Lomax's set design ......... and a quick skank at YoYo.
I'm absolutely gutted another year is over already but this year I can give it a wheel (that's a re-wind, for my older readers) and watch it all back on BoilerRoom here

Thanks so Blaise Bellville for the T-Shirt when Im sure he had 10000 more important requests to be dealing with!  G.

Thursday 1 September 2016

Wednesday 31 August 2016

Wednesday 31st August: Notting Hill Carnival, Children's Parade, Sunday

My personal highlights from the Children's Parade at Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday including (top to bottom)  Burrokeets in blue,  Ebony Steel Pan, Sunshine Arts "All Ah We IS oNe" in rainbow, Elimu "Rise of the Phoenix" in silver and gold, 2 unknown, Mahogany's "London Belongs To Me" theme, South Connections "The Big Screen" Bugz Life & Mignons, the opening drummers, Calabash Short Knee Masqueraders from Greneda