Saturday 25 June 2011

Saturday 25th June: Glastonbury Day 2

Colour on the grey skies.

The best dressed for the English weather- Carli and crew.

Tony Hornecker's Pale Blue Door Plantation House.

Human rainbow tent?!

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Tues June 21st: Les Smokings by Craig Lawrence for SHOWstudio

For those that missed Craig's 3 day residency at SHOWstudio, here is a snapshot of Stevie's doodles that now adorn the walls from his spontaneous scrawling. For the first time Craig designed and knitted a jacket, all under the scrutiny of the world's gaze via the live link up online. The final Smoking Jacket plus an edited film of the footage of his working, will be going into the current exhibition "Practice to Deceive: Smoke & Mirrors in Fashion"

Tues June 21st: The Eyes of Peggy Moffitt

I LOVE having my makeup done - the process is so soothing and blissful - and the bonus is that I can realise exactly how I would like to have my eyes painted in the tricky 60's style which I would never be able to do myself -I wish I looked like this every day!!!

Tues June 21st: Setting up Vogue Fabrics at Block 9, Glastonbury Festival with Alun Davies

Last year I worked on the door of NYC Downlow in the Block 9 area at Glastonbury Festival and had such an incredible experience that Im joining the team for a 2nd year. Attached to the Downlow disco arena is Lyall Hakaraia's "Vogue Fabrics" space which is making a transition from a Speakeasy scenario to a sex club set up!! Art directors Alun Davies and Anna Bruder have been constructing the main frame in a warehouse in London in preparation, and finally taken it down to Pilton for the install and finishing touches. Lots of special features have also been plotted such as a film shot by Cathal O'Brien - seen here helping out Alun on site.

"Vogue Fabrics Dalston.....A kinky disco in a field, sensory stimulus, Benidorm or Bedlam, aversion therapy, sexual deviation, addictive obsessions, abnormal results, behaviour modification, enlightenment, aftercare.
Different shades of fun for consenting adults only."

"Benidorm vs Bedlam" will be split between Bedlam ruled over by living Goddess Danni Daniels all the way from Los Angeles, whilst the Mayor of Benidorm is porn superstar Ashley Ryder. The host for the weekend is Tranny with a Fanny, Holestar who will be introducing a roster of performances from Bourgeois & Maurice, Jonny Woo & Batty Lashes present Les Goom, Miss Annabel Sings, Mr Teds and Natalie Monroe with more to be announced...
........after midnight the performance space will turn into all-night kinky disco run by the finest East London club nights 1) Dirtbox (Jos Gibson, Borja Peña & Duchess of Pork) 2) POP!
Princess Julia, Duchess of Pork & Holestar, 3) Hot Boy Dancing Spot
The Lovely Jonjo, Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont, Wer'e Not Cool & Josh Caffe

Vogue Fabrics is located in the basketball court of the NYC Downlow in the Block 9 Field with films from 8pm. performances from 10pm and Disco 12 – 6am

"Open minds only" - find out more at the Facebook page.

Sunday 19 June 2011

Sunday June 19th: Ascot - Piers Atkinson and Noel Stewart

I was so happy and excited to bump into Piers and Noel at Ascot!!! I had to visit the Royal Enclosure to do an interview for Hello! Magazine and found my friends where they had taken part in a millinery showcase with Stephen Jones. They had an amazing day going live on BBC1 and being treated to the luxury lifestyle of the setting! It was hilarious to be witness to this scene of English eccentricity and a brilliant break from our East End studios!!!!

Sunday June 19th: Ascot - The Havaiana Hats

Here are Imogen and Donna from Havaianas and Naomi from Grazia wearing the flip flop hats that I made for the team to wear to Ascot Ladies Day. We had great fun despite the intermittent bursts of rain which we were well equipped for with our wellies and umbrellas - perfect timing to put their new welly line to the test! Ive never been to Ascot before and had no idea what to expect and found myself in hat heaven, checking out all the other fascinators on show (see previous post). Our summery and colourful headpieces got a great reception amongst the array of spectacular selection of millinery on display. The Queen was resplendent in a colour block look of coral and Princess Beatrice wore a Piers Atkinson hat........ which leads me onto the next post......

All photos by me except last from the album over at the Havaianas Facebook.

Sunday June 19th: Ascot - The Highlights in Hats