Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Wednesday 14th June: RCA Fashion Show 2017 - highlights

Zahra Sooty Hosseini

Matthew Duffy

Seunghee Lim

Christine Kinson

Rose Frances Danford-Philips

Charlotte Marie McDonald

Bianca Saunders

Matija Cop

Ellie Rousseau ft. Leo Carlton headwear

Xintong Wang

Han Kim

RCA Fashion Show 2017 - here are highlights from different designers across the womenswear, menswear and knitwear MA which demonstrated amazing innovation and technology for the future stars!  
See Bianca Saunders fashion film with Akinola Davies "Personal Politics" on the 15th and 16th June at the Ace Hotel.

Wednesday 14th June: RCA Fashion Show 2017 - Colin Horgan

RCA Fashion Show 2017 = Colin Horgan's layers of iridescent panelling, patch-worked together like cosmic armour.  I love how the abstract shapes twist around the body to form garments rather than typical pattern cutting .......... and of course I particularly took a shine to the material of the different hues of spectrum oily reflection.  LUSH!