Saturday 1 August 2009

Sat 1st August: Namazonia

I have recently noticed that there is a reoccurring tag of "kitcsh" arising in connection to my work.  I simply can't see the connection!?  Then I sit back and look at all the shnikle-shnackle around me, and get a whiff of what reviewers may be on about.................
A while ago I sent Namalee a photo of my rainbow bed to compare our collective conscious for collecting cosmic wonders......her reply was that it was indeed similar but on conclusion hers is messier.  No shit sherlock!  Look at this .......every mother's worst nightmare..............except that in this instance its not, as Namalee's mum attended her Reebok launch last night and stood right up front to get the best view!  Namalee performed some tracks wearing the new Wonder Woman inspired sneaks and a sleek Pam Hogg jumpsuit which I haven't seen fit anyone else so perfectly.  Damn, that Nam got legs!....................... 

2 press shots by Billa, art direction Super Steve

Sat 1st August: Chrissie Abbots, Downstairs at Mother

So whilst I was wedged inbetween the gigantic prints at Rankin, just round the corner Rosy Nicholas was checking out Chrissie Abbott's new super sized, super lush prints.  Downstairs at Mother is currently having an exhibit of huge hangings by 4 artists and here are Chrissie's digital delights.  Mind you, its not the 1st time she has seen her work on this scale.............since the release of "Hands" by Little Boots which saw her album artwork on the billboards all across of which was actually opposite the Biscuit building I recall!  What a trip!  Chrissie is the guest speaker at the next "Its Nice That" talk later this month so check out their page for ticket requests.................
(photos courtesy of Rosy Nicholas with thanks)

Friday 31 July 2009

Friday 31st July: Clare Shilland

Naomi Attwood at Clare Shilland ‘Girls! Girls! Girls!’ exhibition at House of Propellers Gallery


Fashion photographer Clare Shilland, who shoots for the likes of i-D10 and Lula is celebrating the opening of her first solo exhibition of art photos tonight at the House of Propellers Gallery in EC1R. I’ve risked life and delicate limb amongst the cyclists of Farringdon to come and have a look at her pictures.



The exhibition is a mixture of female drummers captured in action – as well as a series of female nudes. In the grand tradition of photographers such as Nan Goldin or Corrine Day she’s turned to her immediate circle of friends for inspiration, and as with all good personal photography you can see a sort of tenderness come through in the pictures.  The girls are all very real, some looking into the lens and some away, but they all seem strong. Not in a feisty, dominatrix way but just natural and confident in themselves.



In fashion photography, women are rarely depicted in poses other pouting and primping submissively, and in these portraits Shilland has successfully presented an alternative feminine ideal. They’re stunning.


Naomi Attwood 

Photography courtesy of the gallery with thanks

Friday 31st July: Fancy a quick Rank?

I really don't know what to say here, you just have to go for yourself.  When the address said "The Truman Brewery" I thought it was a bit aloof and non-committal on numbering.  I now know why..............Rankin's retrospective has filled the entire venue.  It is simply MASSIVE.  The prints are HUGE and each section is HUGE.  For anyone who is of a certain age, it is a real memory trip.  So many quintessential '90s portraits that yank (dare I say Rank) you right back to days of when Dazed was an upside down - double covered publication.   
I suggest taking your roller skates to this exhibit as it will be the best and most fun way to navigate round the labyrinth ...........perhaps even take a ball of thread to leave a trail so you can find your way back out again......................left at Courtney.......right at Kate...........

(Representing the new London generation is Tallulah standing with her own portrait sporting a signature Hannah Marshall dress as her muse..............when you go, see if you can spot the portrait of Hannah herself, its really beautiful)

Friday 31st July: Tom Ryan

I have been fascinated by Tom Ryan for quite some time and thanks to an accidental day spent together doing a sample sale in December, I now get to find out more behind the boy with the best eyelashes in town.  However, you can't see that here as he is wise to my blogging ways and successfully avoided my menacing.  But here is his installation "Throw a Match" which is part of a group show at Cordy House called "Know Your Own Place".  Four screen prints hang on the wall and a slide projection is shown across a gigantic Union Jack which has come from Tom's archive of amassed magpie finds.  Its previous incarnations have been a floor covering for an alfresco party and an impromptu dress thereafter.  This is why its always worth holding onto accumulated  treasures ..............we are in firm agreement here.

Someone else to contest to that is another one of Tom's supporters straight off the Eurostar to attend........Judy Blame.  "I love your new necklace" says Elisha........."What?  This load of old shit?" says Judy.  Genius!  Every time!  (please zoom in if you can't see the detail)
The show has been put on by DoBeDo which is an initiative to showcase independent photographers and artists but have now started organising events to back up the online venture.  If you visit the site you see the artists featured and even buy their wares.........including Judy's!  If you prefer a T-Shirt by Juergen Teller or Jason Evans there is an amazing subscription series where you are sent a new guest design each month.  Its exclusive to the site and only 150 hits available.  Or if you just want another blog to add to your reading list the contributors are amazing.............  

Thursday 30 July 2009

Friday 31st July: Miss Jacqueline White

I'm not quite sure what made Thurs 30th July such a hot date to hold a preview, but last night I had 6 to attend.  I managed 3 and had look-outs at a further 2 so hopefully I'll be able to cover the majority.  First stop..........a date with a T-Shirt line based on the "pillow talk faux pas" of the East London dating circuit.  The designer behind the self title line is Jacqueline White who I assisted a few moons ago when we were both at college.  She came back to help me in return, so in good karma, I hiked across to Hackney to make a pitt stop for support at the Laundrette for her launch.  The specially selected venue worked a treat for displaying her wares hanging amongst the graphic backdrop of the tumble dryers.  Lots of the guests had turned out in Tropical theme attire and here are her hostesses who were by light years the nicest door-attendants of the night............well you can see that can't you............fantastic.  Congrats Jaq!  

Wednesday 29th July: Washroom Galleries @ Queen of Hoxton

Naomi here, once again, with a snippet about last night: when the Queen of Hoxton bar, everyone’s favourite London listings mag and a selection of the capital’s best illustrators and artists joined forces to unveil: The Washroom Galleries!
We nipped down for a pint and a natter with lecool and the gang, followed by a lengthy examination of the artwork in the ladies loos.
Deadbeat Donny, a collective of artists are responsible for the first one . . . based on the fact they say they are inspired by their surroundings I’d like a walk around their neighbourhood; where even the burglars wear winkle pickers and all the cars are retro chic.
Matthew Green’s work is well known to readers of The Guardian, Time Out, Dazed and Confused and The Economist. He came over all foxy in the lavs.

Tahnee Lonsdale created this psychedelic cubicle . . . its actually an apocalyptic landscape . . .
 . . but it inspired my friend Tess and I to get painty ourselves. On our faces.

Now its Sayonara from moi and Wilkommen back in the country to Fred!

Thurs 30th June: Modern Weekly

Hello, I'm back from my holiday..................thank you so much Naomi Attwood for stepping up and taking over for the week providing fantastic reports!  You're a star!  You can also see more of Naomi's writing on ..........
I have a tonne of catching up to do so quickly here is a portrait by Wayne Tippets who is the mastermind behind my favourite street style photography website:
I'm going to be nominating Wayne's site for the DazedDigital blog awards...........the deadline for submissions is tomorrow so quick get yours in if you haven't already............

Monday 27 July 2009

Sunday 26th July Naomi + Andre at the 1-2-3-4 Festival in Shoreditch Park

Hola everyone! Buenos Dias Fred!

After yesterday’s unseasonably gorgeous Mediterranean weather at the V&A we are reassured to have the gale force winds and sheeting rain reinstated to the UK just in time for this rather splendid little one-dayer down in Shoreditch Park.

I’ve summoned my photographer bezzie, Andre T to come down, because his camera’s bigger than mine and he’s the best at bogling this side of Swindon. First up we hung out in the backstage area, looking for famous types. When none were forthcoming we watched an amazing set of ‘covers with a twist’ from Lewis Floyd Henry . . . he rocked the joint, and told us afterwards he’s celebrating being signed up to a record label yesterday. Well Done.

Next up during a break in rainfall we watched Polly Scattergood bewitch the crowd with her husky folk tones and her fabulous feathery finery.

Under cover of canvas in the electro tent, we saw Matthew !Wow Wow! take the roof off with his set. I know that this is an exaggeration – clearly the roof was still intact, but when I say that a spontaneous mosh pit occurred and everyone in the first six rows went crazy I’m not exaggerating at all. In fact, I had to run away, in fear of my toes which were vulnerable to stamping in my studded glads.

Now, as the afternoon built to its climax – namely the Wolfster himself, the weather seemed to spitefully deteriorate, the rain pelting down and the clouds thickening and blocking out the sun. No matter; the crowd – which seemed to appear from nowhere but take up most of the park and comprised Patrick’s hard core of psychotically enthusiastic fans as well as everyone else, contrived to dance in between the droplets.
Now, sitting at home listening to Patrick’s songs is pleasant enough but as a performer he takes on many unexpected dimensions. With the voice of Gahan, the stylings of Bowie and moves which are all his own he bestrode the stage like Grace Jones and at times couldn’t help grinning all over his glittery face – how nice to see someone enjoying the show as much as their audience.

By the time he sang Hard Times, the whole park was screaming “Revolution” back at him and no one gave a second thought to how chilly and damp it was and got a bit swept away on a beautiful tide of determined emotion. Wow. For the last song he nipped offstage to transform once again, into a MIGHTY OWL! (in Fred’s creation)

As a girl who likes to go out as much as possible I know I overuse the phrase “That's the best thing I’ve EVER seen” - but today, I meant it.

Naomi Attwood with pictures by Andre Titcombe for FredButlerStyle

See the dayglo version here:

Sunday 26 July 2009

Saturday 25th July - Naomi at the V&A Village Fete

Naomi at the V&A Village Fete

We’re in beautiful West London - SW7 on a glorious Saturday afternoon to have a butcher’s hook round the tenth V&A Village Fete. The courtyard has been bedecked with huge quantities of Union Jack bunting – it looks fab, I’ve dragged along my sister Sarah to help me investigate the best bits of the fete.

Here’s One I Made Earlier present…Best in Show; a dog show with a remote control dog by Here’s One I made Earlier - illustrators Jenny Bull and Sarah Fotheringham, and product designer Demelza

Tatty Devine present…Fish for Victory A fishing pond for nippers made by everyone’s favourite plastic fantastic jewellery

Robert Archard & Donna Wilson present…Cake and MakeOoh – this one was our favourite – scrummy looking knitted cakes. By Donna Wilson and Robert Archard.

Lady Luck Rules OK present…Rock ‘n’ Roll Tiddlywinks Throwing giant Tiddlywinks at a target cut from a pair of GIANT kittens for the chance to win a prize. We thought it was quite funny that the only person we saw get the prize (a lovely necklace) was a 7 year old boy, whilst all the trendy, jewellery wearing girls couldn’t manage

Thomas.matthews presents…Britain’s Sock Talent Our favourite thing by far was the sock puppet making competition. We think we may have created the most glamorous 80s throwback sock puppet ever. What do you reckon?

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After all that lot a large Pimms is next on the to-do list. What an enjoyable afternoon.
Naomi Attwood