Friday, 16 May 2008

Fri 16th May: Shoe Trivia Part 3

There is much admiration for the Pointer shoe advertisments amongst our studio and we just discoverd that the art director is Hannah Draper who is in the next door room to us. Here is a snap of one of her shelves with different Pointer point-of-sale pieces.
Coincidentally Alex Cunningham worked on a Pointer editorial shoot for Amelia's magazine last summer (seen here shot by Annie Collinge). So 2 sides of one wall were working on Pointer projects and we only just made the connection!

Fri 16th May: Shoe Trivia Part 2

Whilst in NYC I met a Columbian artist Jessica Mitrani who has been working on various shoe designs that combine both feet (inc. a towering platform). This is a still from her movie "Mary Jane".

Fri 16th May: Shoe Trivia Part 1

This is a snap from one of my excursions whilst in NYC. I was investigating Balenciaga at Barneys and heard comotion coming from the adjoining shoe department.................and discovered a signing by Christian Louboutin with a line of giddy trust fund fans clutching thier prized heels................having to wait even longer due to the impromtu arrival of queue-jumper Naomi Campbell.............

Additional Tenuous Trivia: The Tim Walker exhibition poster (designed by Wren Studio) features a Vogue editorial image of Lisa Cant as a bunny girl in a red room wearing Christian Louboutin red soled shoes. I was assisting Shona Heath on this fairytale shoot from 2004 which also featured a portrait of the shoe designer himself and Nigella Lawson in a ShoeMakers Elves narrative..........complete with gigantic pile of his shoes which was quite a distraction to prop!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thurs 15th May: "I love Pictures" at DSM London

Back in London and so much to catch up on........

Here is Andy Hillman's installation at Dover Street Market in conjunction with the store exclusively selling the Tim Walker book "I Love Pictures". The exhibition opened last week at the Design Museum and runs thru till September. Photo courtesy of Andy's assistant Alex Cunningham who designed these fantastic drums which light up at night.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tue 14th May: Adios my Super Heros

Thee Super Heroes = A beautiful illustraition of Three AsFOUR by Luis Cascante to mark their inclusion in the current Met exhibit.

Tue 13th May: NYC Rainbow Round-Up

The 150th anniversary "Pop" rainbow neon windows at the brand's Louis Vuitton 5th Avenue store:

Literally "The New Museum" which has sprung up as a rather incongruous statement on the roofline of the Bowery I once knew...

A flashing floor in the West Side Gentlemen's Club at the launch of Doug Aitken's new photography book "99cent Dreams"

Monday, 12 May 2008

Mon 12th April: NYC Interiors III - Chez Angela & GABi

Mon 12th April: Olafur Eliasson Part 2

Monday 12th April: Deitch Opening - Mihaw in the light show

Monday 12th April: Deitch Opening

"Absolutely Venomous Accurately Fallacious (Naturally Delicious)" is the name of the new project by AVAF at the riverfront Deitch Gallery in Long Island City. It is a colour crazy constructed landscape with artists collaborating in sculpture and murals. The opening night held an interactive "demolition" disco with lightshows, projections and performances. It was truly insane in the best possible taste (according to my culmitative cosmic taste that is!) and has given more urgency to my dreams of going to Rio for the carnival............