Saturday 3 October 2009

Sat 3rd Oct: David Koma

From the mosaic makeup of Peter Philips to the mosaic magic embroidery of David Koma.  Here is his first collection since graduating from the MA at CSM and my word, I want to wear it!  Check out the stained glass prism neck and arm pieces............HELLO!   David and I share the same stylist  Kim Howells and I can't believe she kept this under her hat and didn't squeal the spectrum secret to me before the show.  As I sat and watched the girls slink down the catwalk in their ity-bitty body-con dresses I was completely locked in and wanting to dash backstage to take a closer look.  I am in love with the Keith Haring looking squiggle seams and Mondrain colour palette.  Very New York Boogie Woogie!  That's my own interpretation, not bible (Ive lost the press release!).  So look out for these statement S/S 2010 pieces and remember the name behind the super sexy jazzy minis - David Koma.

Friday 2 October 2009

Sat 3rd Oct: Why I LOVE Peter Philips

To quote myself (
from my guest posting on ItsNiceThat)..... :  "Whenever I see makeup that prompts involuntary ooh and arh appreciation noises similar to that of fireworks night, the man responsible is always Belgian artist Peter Philips. He uses the face as a canvas and consistently pushes the boundaries of makeup as a medium. It is clever, concise, breathtakingly fresh and innovative; using random materials integrated into the cosmetics. No wonder he has been appointed Global Creative Director of Chanel makeup." lies a case in point.............
............yesterday Andy Macgregor* was flicking through archive Arena Homme Plus from 2003/4 and came across this ...........held it up and said "you'd like this" my reply.........."BLOODY HELL WHATS THAT, GIVE IT TO ME NOW.........I BET THAT'S PETER PHILIPS"......Guess what?..........yep, it is, of course.........the man is a living legend.
Im guessing these are chips from Plastic Land, Canal Street, NYC (R.I.P).  God I miss that shop.

*  Happy Birthday Andy..........have a great day!  I'll let you off not being here to keep my company today..............Its a pleasure to sit next to you every day, especially when you 2nd guess my taste so perfectly and share treasures like this!

Fri 2nd Oct: Visit SHOWstudio live shoot today

Here is a snap of a fine looking fellow named Tafari Hinds on the telephone.  I took this at the private view of the SHOWstudio retrospective that opened at Somerset House during LFW.  This particular set was a reenactment of the original "Sittings: Thirty Men" from March 2005 when Simon Foxton styled a different model each day for the entire month.   BUT by no means was it an exclusive viewing.  SHOWstudio are a democratic and altruistic bunch so there are more opportunities lined up for everyone to see similar happenings first hand.  Commencing right now until 21:00 tonight, Nick Knight and Simon Foxton will be undertaking a live shoot to wrap up their VMan model search project.  The final winner is going to be shot at the Live Studio Space and the whole process can be viewed through a two-way mirror within the exhibition.  If I wasn't folding origami at my desk (for a change!) I know where I would be today..........but I think that it will be broadcast live online during the day so for others like myself, we are not totally missing out:

Just to clarify here, this portrait is of Tafari and not Mr. Foxton himself ...........just incase anyone is still in a state of confusion after his hilarious prank from the SHOWstudio "Fashion DJs" radio day........

Infact, doing a bit of research for this post I have discovered that Tafari is the son of Horace Andy: 

Thursday 1 October 2009

Thurs 1st Oct: Alex Cunningham set for Louise Amstrup

Louise Amstrup showed her S/S 10 collection at LFW as a presentation in The Free Mason's hall with Alex Cunningham devising the multi-faceted set.  "Refelections" is a reoccurring theme of the collection ....from notions of identity and how your persona is regarded and interpreted.......through to the digital prints of shattered mirror.  This was cleverly reinterpreted with a hall of mirrors based on the final scene of Orson Wells film noir classic "The Lady From Shanghai".  Alex sourced many different mirrors to construct a backdrop that would exaggerate certain sections and minimise others to distort the models stance to emphasise Louise's new silhouettes and details.......................if you would like to see the garments up close, Louise is holding her showroom in Paris for a week starting today (see above for details).

Photos: courtesy Alex Cunningham

Wednesday 30 September 2009

Weds30th Sept: Its Time To CAT PARTY

Yes my furry friends, here is an introduction to another prestigious blog I contribute to.  Its a space dedicated to CATS and there are strict rules to abide by  

1. Try to keep the photos just of cats... humans and other animals are cool, but only if they really help the picture.  

2. Try and post original photos only (ie: your own), unless its an absolute corker.

3. Under NO circumstance can you use that stoopid cutey wooty wighting in your posts (any attempt to post "lol cats" esque sloganeering will result in an immediate life time ban from Cat Party).

4. NO dogs allowed.

This is serious stuff!  Occasionally there are contentious incidents of controversy but this is dealt with kitten gloves by the head honchos of the moggy possy.  The official administrator of Cat Party has opened the invitation to welcome more contributors and followers.  There is even a facebook and twitter dedicated to the cause.  If you are a cataholic and have some cute photos to share with the world then let me know and I can pass on your deats.

(Here is a previous post of mine - Plummy who nests with ThreeAsFOUR in Chinatown, NYC)

Tuesday 29 September 2009

Tues 29th Sept: Its Nice That Issue 2

Here it is, the hotly anticipated 2nd Issue of the hard copy delectable delight published by "Its Nice That".  I am truly honoured and wonderfully chuffed to have been a contributor, invited to write a feature.  I have got to share a special story with the world and discover a passion for writing!   It was so exciting receiving the package in the post that I photographed each stage.......including unveiling the exclusive Rob Ryan print which is so cute (read it by zooming in)!  I have only had time to give it a quick initial browse but on this preliminary inspection it looks exactly like the masterful melting pot of ideas and inspirations that I was expecting.  I read a little snippet from a match box collector who begins describing his passion for accumulating and by the end denys all knowledge so that he doesn't shoot himself in the foot by giving the ebay game away...........
............So the content is all beautiful to look at and I'm guessing the written criteria is a blend of new discovery and humour...........true to everything that is nice and the mantra of Its Nice That.

Tues 29th Sept: Something Old, Something New........

Hat from A/W 09 Collection
Photography Harley Weir
Styling Britta Burger

Sequin Top and Irridescent Belt (worn as necklace) from A/W 08 Collection
Photography:  Darren Karl-Smith 
Styling:  Masha Mombelli 
Make up :  Megumi Matsuno

Sunday 27 September 2009

Monday 28th Sept: Team Scrabble

So here is the reality behind the mystery of how we made the schedule for last Monday's Daily.  Why, oh why did I come up with this idea just in time to clash with the final hurdle of finishing the collection?!  Basically it involved making 996 individual multicoloured 3D card letters and getting them in the right sequence and legible on a hand-drawn board.  That took a fair few people a fair few days not to mention the shoot which took us into some hysterical nocturnal antics.  Thanks to Amy Gwatkin for being patient waiting on the cross-wire installation when she had to be up early to shoot her portraits of MAN designers for Dazed.............thanks to Rosy for not giving up on me when it panned out to be a mini nightmare which I hadn't foreseen...........and thanks to Bella for coming in at the last moment to stop us having a total mare at Giles for having sooooooooo many letters in his accessories label launch title...............

Sun 27th Sept: Diane Pernet

Here is a snap I took of Diane last week at LFW and a shot from her website today of my film that showcased at her film festival in Paris yesterday.  Diane has been a magnificent ambassador for my work since the beginning and is still a constant support and great encouragement.  Diane visited my exhibit and taped a little video whilst there which she has uploaded to share.  We discuss my new SHOWstudio contribution film and my previous work with Elisha Smith-Leverock who has been away and missed all these previews so this goes out to you kid..........looking forward to having you back!