Saturday 28 May 2016

Saturday 28th May: Louisiana, Modern Art Museum, Copenhagen: Part 3

Leading on from the Carlos Cruz-Diez "Chromosaturation" specially installed for the show "Eye Attatck" to the rest of the exhibition.  The current temporary exhibition at Copenhagen's modern art museum Louisiana tells the story of Op-Art and Kenetic Art from 1950 -1970.  It's a magnificent collection from the movement, including Bridget Riley's incredible lines that seem to move before your eyes .............. hence the title "Eye Attatck".  Its a chance to really appreciate her genius amongst the work of her contemporaries.  This section of optical patterns morph into a collection of 3D canvases with textures that add depth to the shapes.  The final part holds a myriad of moving sculptures that twist light and line to bring the warped aesthetic to life.

Thursday 26 May 2016

Thursday 26th May: Louisiana, Modern Art Museum, Copenhagen: Part 2

The best thing about the whole Louisiana museum for me was this cosmic installation that is part of the current "Eye Attack" Op-Art show.  Carlos Cruz-Diez has covered a glass atrium in colour gels to create a new version of his "Chromosaturation" (1965) that plays with your perception of spectrum in light.  You could walk straight thru and only notice the red, green and blue sections but if you wait a while for your eyes to adjust, then an entire rainbow of hues is visible on the floor.  I cant understand how it works but I saw it with my own eyes and any house of my own is just going to be a massive disappointment after witnessing this.  The construction appears misleadingly simple but the outcome is miraculous.   I feel so lucky that I found the museum for the first time to catch this temporary piece.

Thursday 26th May: Louisiana, Modern Art Museum, Copenhagen

Leading on from the Yayoi Kusama mirror rooms in London to her "Gleaming Lights of the Souls"  in Copenhagen at the Louisiana, Modern Art Museum where I found myself the following day!  It's in the most beautiful setting, out of town, on the coast with a backdrop of the sea's horizon.  Here are both the interior contemporary art galleries and the sculpture gardens that surround the space with works by Henry Moore, Alexander Calder and Jean Dubuffet.  Its a magical place to get totally lost and keep discovering steps up and down the hills to lakes and panoramic views.  It's tranquil bliss just a 40 minute train journey from the city centre and the best recommendation I have for any visit to Copenhagen.   Here are my highlights from the current show of acquisitions called "Illumination".


Wednesday 25 May 2016

Thursday 26th May: Victoria Miro Mayfair: Yayoi Kusama's "My Eternal Soul" paintings

The third exhibition of Yayoi Kusama 's newest work at Victoria Miro's Mayfair site is a series o‘infinity net’ pattern paintings called "My Eternal Soul".  Here are details from the large canvases of psycaedelic swirls and vibrating colour combinations.  Its incredible that she's been so prolific over the last seven decades and here is an opportunity to see her most recent 2D and 3D pieces across all three London galleries.

14 St George Street, London W1S 1FE