Monday 23 December 2013

Mon 23rd Dec: It's Christmas in Hackney! - Guest Post by Charlie Milton

It's Christmas in Hackney! - Guest Post by Charlie Milton
"If you're not in the Christmas spirit yet - a trip to Hackney will have all of the answers. Hackney Council has invited five local Fashion Designers to create their own Christmas tree. As part of their ‘Make Hackney Sparkle’ project. 

Holly Fulton’s tree which is displayed on Prince Edward Road in Hackney Wick, is decorated with cut perspex. Emulating her strong graphic approach she is known for with regard design. 
House Of Hackney have completed a tree like you’ve never seen before, which is on display in Hackney Central, outside the Town Hall.
Loud and Prominent Designer Louise Gray’s tree is located in Dalston Square. You really can’t miss this tree, its a huge bundle of colour - something to really get you into the festive spirit! It’s decorated beautifully with assorted neon coloured material. 
Piers Atkinson’s tree located on Old Street in Shoreditch is decorated with Cherries and Bow ties.
Last but not in any way least Emma Cook’s tree is displayed outside the Fire Station on Church Street, in Stoke Newington.

I found the trees to give a real special quality to Hackney. They sparked huge interest in the local areas, were topics of conversation between strangers. And I have to say that Emma Cook’s Bright Pink tree was drawing attention from every little girl who walked past - and the brilliance of it being bright pink next to a fire station! I’d recommend viewing them at night too - the lights are so pretty!"
Top to bottom:  Emma Cook, Louise Gray, House of Hackney, Holly Fulton, Piers Atkinson 
All images by Charlie except Piers Atkinson studio images from the team.