Saturday 20 December 2008

Sat 20th Dec: Something for the weekend

We have had the delight of Laura McDougall joining us in the studio for the last 3 months (more info when I write up Andy Knights Christmas Party on Monday). She has sent me this link to her friend Tom's video work. For some reason she thought I'd like it?! Be warned, its both cosmic and catchy................ and check out this suit!

Bileebob - Get a Phone (Underground Resistance) from Konx-om-Pax on Vimeo.

Sat 20th Dec: The Financial Times

So Teo and I are now officially up and running as a DJ duo under the title "The FT" (Fred & Teo) which we thought fitting under the current monetary climate. We premiered our skills at Work It last weekend where I confess to just passing the records to Teo as it was her 90's collection that we used for the night. However we have secured our 1st booking where I will be spinning some of my own choice tunes in addition. On 27th of Feb we will be performing at the V&A Friday late event which is dedicated to the idea of domesticity - the evening is entitled: "Home sweet home". The evening starts at 6.30pm and finishes at 10pm with a line-up of designers and illustrators doing workshops, projection, talks, performances. I'm very excited about blasting out my latest procured tunes from my weekend charity shop digging.

On the last Friday of every month, the V&A hosts a contemporary late night event in the museum. Centred around a theme or exhibition, the evenings feature live performances, guest DJ's and often hands-on activities as well as a late bar.

photo: Patrick Duffy

Friday 19 December 2008

Friday 19th Dec: Sample Sale

Nin from "Goodone" clothing invited me to take part in a sample sale this week with my fellow Cube represented NOKI, also Cassette Playa and Judy Blame. It was a lovely day having visits from Maki Lou Lou, Susie Bubble, Patrick Wolf & William who won a pink porcelain dog in the lucky dip! I sold a few pieces but it turned out to be another reason all together that I found myself out of the studio on that day. It was not for the sale but to have the opportunity to meet and make a connection with Judy Blame. Our stars alligned and in the way fate always guides my life, it was an incredible encounter and Im now looking forward to see what unfolds in the future. In the morning we saw a magpie out on the roof and by the evening I was the proud owner of a magpie t-shirt and rainbow keychain/necklace that Judy generously gave me. How lucky am I?! Its actually obscene how lucky I am. I feel like Gollom or Fagan as I gleefully inspect each piece that are a collection from Judy's trips around the world....Brazil, Paris.........there is so much detail I have had a problem trying to fit it all in this photo (see bottom) but Im sure that I will blog it again as I don't intend on taking it off for quite a while!

Wednesday 17 December 2008

Weds 17th Dec: Snow Queen Spectrum Special

So whats going on at Torrens Street this week? Well, whilst Double Club revellers are checking out the Prada Congo experience downstairs, we are getting up to the usual old tricks in the studio upstairs. Since I began work in the prop world it has been a continuous onslaught of spray chemicals on my poor abused lungs. It seems that spraying random objects different colours is the best treatment for most jobs! I love having a full palette of colours on the shelf, just waiting to be used on something new. Chloe Bell took this snap of me looking like a snow queen on a white day and also this rainbowlicious selection that she has been preparing for Andy Macgregors latest project.

Monday 15 December 2008

Mon 15th Dec: It's Christmas!

Photography Amy and Anna AKA Mishkin, Eyelashes Fred Butler, Make-up Megumi Matsuno, Model Sara el Dabi

Sunday 14 December 2008

Mon 15th Dec: It's War

The newly overhauled and unrecognisable "War" magazine has launched with this fantastic cover by fashion editor Kim Howells (snapped here at the launch party). There are profiles on next generation designers such as Bethan Wood and specially commissioned advertorials to platform young designers (NOKI & Louise Gray). Contributors include other emerging talents including Matthew Josephs, Justine Josephs, Jenny Hueston and Maki Lou Lou. The redesigned, spine bound format with shiny paper stock is now edited by Chris Murdoch and no longer in the hands of the original team (Molaroid) for anyone who may be wondering.

Photo borrowed without permission, sorry:

Sun 14th Dec: Get out of your lazy bed

A little something for a dark winter Monday morning to spring out of bed. This was one of my favourite songs when I was little............going ballistic dancing round the house with my best friend Elly. I think its high time for a revival and want to hear it again on a dancefloor. Looking back now I realise that Matt Bianco is a dead ringer for Roland Mouret.............or is that just me on both counts?