Friday 12 February 2010

Sat 13th Feb: Raison d'etre



Sat 13th Feb: I Heart Converse for Valentines Day

So its Valentine's Day on Sunday..................woooooo, .............Postman Pat is rallying up the troops in Kentish Town to help deliver all of my mysterious parcels of LOVE tomorrow, Ive heard its roadblock already...........(Dad jokes are the best, you can't deny it)

BUT for those of you who do have a special someone to gift and no clue what to do.............don't fear, with one more shopping day left to purchase a token of passion, put down your dollars on some fly Chuck Taylor All Star.  This special Valentine design Converse are in collaboration with (RED)...........and a cut of the cost going direct to the charity set up to eliminate AIDS, tuberculosis and Malaria in Africa.  The heart motif has left a dotted line for you to draw in your own answer..................I'm not gonna give mine away on here!..............*you know who you are*............

Ive snapped this press sample on Andy Macgregor's wall, next to mine in the studio............he just so happens to have a wizard replica boot made from paper that he knocked up for a magazine commission...........and can be seen in the book Papercraft

Fri 12th Feb: McQueen

All I would like to say is that we should try to match the negative energy of being sad with transmitting some positive vibes out too.  Lets be grateful that the world got the contribution of the time that McQueen dedicated to creating the lushest of inventions to dress history was only a glimpse of what could have been a lifetime of work but at least a chapter is better than no novel at all.  Everything in life is done for love, and that will be passed down to inspire the next maverick that connects with his distinct gift.  

I haven't yet found my favourite images to put up here ........the first pieces I saw that got me excited and goose-pimply.  But here is my favourite portrait of McQueen by Sean Ellis from the time when he was shaking up the industry and you can see that captured perfectly in his stance.  I remember a documentary from that collection when he told the story of stitching "Lee woz ere" on the inside of a jacket made for Prince Charles during his apprenticeship on Saville Row..........I wonder if that will ever be found?!

Here is also a photo from my Leigh Bowery book of an audience at one of his performances.  Ive always thought that the guy sitting in the middle looks like a very green McQueen............which highlights my point that the rare genius creative streak passes along the line with witnessing the predecessor's lets concentrate on the incredible legacy and the positivity that a new star has been born somewhere out there from feeling the force of this Lee.

Thursday 11 February 2010

Thurs 11th Feb: Neels World

Neel asked me to go round the world with him..........(remember the panda hug?!)........I had to decline...........Work Work Im receiving an influx of cosmic postcards and wondering why the hell I didn't go............LOSER

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Weds 10th Feb: No Days Off Exhibition opening on Friday

With one week till fashion week, I'm becoming increasingly short on time to concentrate on the written content of this blog in addition to the general time spent chasing tails of contributors  like a blog bailiff.  So for this item I have asked "No Days Off" to write their own blurb...........primarily because I like the way Patrick spins a yarn and secondly just to give them a bit more work so that they stay true to their name............

"No Days Off and The Dog & Wardrobe are putting on a little exhibition of prints at Wilton's cafe, starting this Friday with a private view from 6-9pm. The name of the show is Nine Day Wonder, but it actually runs for six weeks. There'll be some new prints, some old 'uns, a bit of shiny gold, some beer and a few laffs. All are welcome so do pop along.

Wilton's is a lovely new spot just north of London Fields, beautifully fitted out by Jane and Vishal, the creative sparks that run the Dog & Wardrobe. As well as posh coffee, Wilton's also have their very own radio station, London Fields Radio, broadcasting every weekend LIVE from behind the counter, with guest spots from local DJs and other interesting bods.

As well as jazzing up trendy caffs, The Dog and Wardrobe run a damn fine vintage emporium just off Broadway Market. We got our 50s Danish sofa bed and sturdy green filing cabinet from them, and we've never looked back. They're online and are open for visitors Saturday and Sunday, check em out. "

No Days Off have been multitasking of late and tinkering on various projects for clients such as LOAF Records, Tim Walker and Chris Coco........check their site for more info.

Photos of No Days Off HQ by Patrick Duffy.  Top photo is a new print "Gold Legs" and bottom is one of their previous prints which you may recognise from one of my LOVES.

Wiltons, 63 Wilton Way, E8 1BG
The Dog and Wardobe, 3b Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, E8 4QN. Open Saturday 10 - 5, Sunday 12 - 4.

Weds 10th Feb: Dress Up Fred

Jessica Jarvis who is a 2nd year student studying Fashion at The Arts University Collage Bournemouth has made
a video to promote me..........................Brill!  My first advertisment!  Thanks Jessica, I feel well posh!  Its great fun!  What an excellent surprise! Please can you tell me who is the track by?

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Tues 9th Feb: Return to the DARKROOM

After a few previous posts regarding new concept store DARKROOM, I just wanted to add another entry to illustrate the attention to detail with the planning..........and in particular the incredible floor which jumps straight out at you when you enter the checkerboard themed space.  I know that the owners have a background in both Interior and Graphic design, so it seems that the worlds have perfectly collided in this ingenious and covetable artwork for under the feet!  I asked Rhonda to explain exactly how they went about covering their floor with TLC...........and the concept behind the concept store.........

"We had the 750mm/sq tiles laser cut from 5mm thick Beech ply for spot-on accuracy. The tiles were then individually prepared – 2 layers of handpainted black pattern and 4 layers of varnish, which took about a week. The floor was levelled using a self levelling compound and the tiles were glued using a contact floor adhesive.

We wanted a floor design that was based on a grid for the shop-fit because it formed a base and structure for our modular display stands that can be moved around into different formations giving flexibility to our merchandising. We already knew that our walls would be a strong but neutral black, so the floor needed to be quite striking to hold the space together and create an interesting environment. The materials/colour palette – pale wood and black, were chosen as they have good contrast but are neutral enough not to clash with our stock. 

The pattern is intended to hold constructivist, industrial and geometric qualities that make the space feel contemporary and timeless in a modernist way."

Photos c/o Rhonda Drakeford

Monday 8 February 2010

Mon 8th Feb: Brie Harrison totes amazing

The last time a blogged about Brie Harrison's print designs on a new bag was the special gift with the last issue of Amelia's magazine.  Her latest tote is for an American company BlueQ who help promote new designers and produce recycled goods.  The design was executed in her new studio whic she has snapped for the blog..............I spy a Charlie Harper book there.........I LOVE him too!  I think he has had a massive impact on our generation's aesthetic from growing up gazing at his wide eyed characters!  To snap up Brie's shopper, head over to BlueQ, its only $11.99!   Or check out her gift cards over on seen in the top image......

Sunday 7 February 2010

Sun 7th Feb: Love from The Darkroom

Here is the final exhibition at The Darkroom which curator Rhonda Drakeford has kind photographed for me as I couldn't make the opening.  Ive also included 3 detail shots lifted from their facebook page as I wanted to show the detail of my faves by Gemma Tickle, Tara Darby vs. Milena Silvano and Lizzie Finn.  There are plenty of other beauties by Claire Shilland, Lynn Cockburn, Anna Burns and one very honest account of (un)love by David David that has a few F words in the for...............and of course the collaboration between Corrie Williamson and Amy Gwatkin which I featured earlier in the week.  Feast you eyes until the 13th of Feb and let the moths fly from your pockets as you dig deep for some savings to invest in one of these artworks for your loved one on Valentinte's Day...............they are all on sale to benefit the Haiti fund.