Friday 6 May 2011

Sat 5th May: Haunted: Witch film by Emily Beard

Haunted: Witch HD from Emily Beard on Vimeo.

Emily Beard has been helping me out on my blog for the last couple of years whilst studying for her degree ........ from my days sharing studios with Andy Hillman in Angel to moving to Dalston with Craig Lawrence and now my new partner in crime Kim Howells. Emily's superior contribution has been drafted in by Kim for The House of Organza where you can also find her joining the team with their website. But you will most probably know her work the best at her own site where every Sunday she posts a "scrapbook" comprehensive collection of inspirational imagery. Its her singular sparkly sassy style that carries through from these mood boards into her film work, acting as director and stylist. Emily's final project 'Haunted' is a series of short fashion films addressing the everyday horrors of fashion through 3 characters: a Richard Prince-inspired nurse who obsessively fixates on looking perfect, a zombie/Frankenstein's monster who searches for solace from his own uglyness, and a witch who casts spells to achieve beauty. Here is the first in the trilogy for some insight into what to expect from her graduating portfolio.........

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Weds May 4th : Martin ZÄHRINGER's "MUTE"

Martin ZÄHRINGER has put together the portraits from his "Mute" project for a one month show at the Print House Gallery. The collection of images came about from a premeditated attempt in making the most out of a bad situation - six days of being mute. Martin was undergoing medical treatment on his vocal chords and when confronted with an enforced sentence of silence, he decided to switch the situation. Instead of avoiding social interaction, Martin invited his neighbours and friends to visit his flat to take part in a photographic experiment. Without the regular tool of speech to direct his sitters, Martin used the medium of "stickes" to communicate with his candidates (see screen-grab here). The result is a batch of 50 portraits showing the subjects second guessing how to pose for their director, equipped only with gesture. The series of close-up candid shots contain an interesting mix of Martin's circle of contemporaries working in music, directing, production and photography........ see who you can spot in this small selection. Then, take a trip to Ashwin street to see the whole show for yourself and visit the newly relocated Arcola Theatre next door to have a recce whilst you are there!

18 Ashwin Street London E8 3DL

(photos: Screen-grab of conversation, shoot set up, exhibition, Madeleine next to her portrait and Martin outside his private view)

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Tues May 3rd: Alex Noble Guest Editor for SWATCH MTV Playground

Here you can see Alex Noble in his studio ........... with a sound-man hiding squatting in the corner. That's because I snapped this on a visit when he was filming an interview for the introduction to his guest editorship on SWATCH MTV Playground. We have both been appointed to share the post which takes over from the first contributor Rankin. Four different artists will be covering the position during the year but Alex and I are lucky enough to be sharing this stint so we can both squirm together in looking at ourselves on film. Having said that - they are really well produced pieces of footage capturing an important time in our history - both being on schedule at fashion week. Check out Alex's enlightening, endearing and intimate film to find out his complete story and how he navigated his way through the industry to arrive back at his initial childhood dream job ......... just like me - SNAP!
Keep a close eye on the MTV Playground blog for our different articles and posts being uploaded ........... here is my first.

Playground 2011 - Guest Editor - Alex Noble - 5 Minutes - ENG from Swatch MTV Playground on Vimeo.

Playground 2011 - Guest Editor - Fred Butler - 5 Minutes - ENG from Swatch MTV Playground on Vimeo.

Thanks to all the team at MTV for being so lovely to work with!! Apologies to the director and DOP for the occassion I abandoned them outside the David Koma show at Somerset House........ I took the "act natural" thing a little too literally by forgetting they were with me!

Tues May 3rd: Catching up with Rosy Nicholas

Over the weekend I went on a street-style market research safari round East London with Rosy Nicholas ......... which ended up at her studio ......... with the latest incarnation of her desk decorated in pom-poms, a Rosy rosette and a classic Prince pic! The pom-poms are part of her ongoing experiments in wool ........ one of which being my fave for her shop section on SuperMarketSarah - this tube necklace. That gorgeous item has sold but some special pieces are still left so head over to see what treats might still be in stock ......... including this original Moschino jacket ........ and her Pharoah head ........ which I actually guess she might not want to part with now!!

Rosy for SuperMarketSarah