Saturday 15 December 2012

Saturday 15th Dec: "Dodecahedron Collision" Swatch

Here it is,  last week I finally got my own model of the SWATCH watch that I designed and launched in November.  Ella Dror captured the moment I opened it at their showroom which was an extremely exciting moment having waited patiently to get my paws on the finished article.  I made the prototype which Swatch technically developed into a reality and I signed off a sample, but this was the actual moment I could hold the real thing.  The packaging is an iridescent box with spectrum foil logo and the prism gift box is an exact replica of my maquette with a bonus magnet streamline latch.  I designed the watch to be interactive so that you can hold it in sun-rays to make colourful beams like a stain-glass window.  The centre of the dial has a silver disc like a mirror to reflect the beams and the hands are glow-in-the-dark so its still cosmic after sun-down!  The best thing, is the strap components hinge on elastic like a little girl's bracelet so there is no fastening - its all one circular piece.  
Its very surreal having my own Swatch as its my childhood dream come true!  A stream of events kick started by this blog ........... when i-D asked to feature me in a Swatch advertorial about their 3 favourite bloggers (alongside Bryan Boy and Gary Card) I was latterly approached by MTV to blog for their Swatch sponsored website.......... which involved an interview with Beth Ditto which was seen by Swatch HQ who then asked to meet me to discuss potentially designing a product.............. hey presto a few years down the line and some stepping stones leap-frogged.......... this is the result and its my purest vision of my most desired watch, if I could have one for myself........ as much colour on one wrist as possible!
Read more in an interview for The Metro here.

Friday 14 December 2012

Friday 14th Dec: Andrew Logan and Piers Atkinson Christmas fair

The annual Christmas Fair at Andrew Logan's glasshouse where I covet cases of cosmic mirrored accessories and this year picked up a pair of Piers Atkinson bunny ears!  <3 font="font">

(Amongst the images are Andrew's festive Father Christmas necklace and top pocket of fairy lights booth at Zandra Rhodes Christmas party afterwards........... and Margot Bowman in her new JWAnderson furry hooded coat)

Monday 10 December 2012

Mon 10th Dec: Margot Bowman's Clanimals at The Town Hall Hotel

Margot Bowman's "Clanimals" have left the building (our studio) and now found new roots at The Town Hall Hotel where they were destined to dwell over the festive period.   Margot devised the fantastical creatures to take over the Art Deco lobby of the hotel to greet guests and bring a cosmic Christmas vibe to the ambiance of the atrium!  Here they are with their ribbon accessorydecorations which they collect as they move about the forest, picking up their patterns and magic markings.  
For the private view, the kitchen cooked up some multi-colour mince pies and cocktails to celebrate the arrival of their new festive friends.  
Head down to The Town Hall Hotel to visit the "Clanimal" Family and then visit the V&A Museum Of Childhood next door to stock up with stocking-fillers from their epic toy selection in the gift shop!

Sunday 9 December 2012

Sunday 9th Dec: Its Christmas!!

The Sunday Times Style asked me to decorate my home as I would at Christmas for a feature on creative's festive interior decoration which is published today.  My crazy kaleidoscope home is contrasted with a more traditional interpretation by Tricia Guild and a mirror ball installation by Sophie Hulme.  Here are details of the bits and pieces I borrowed from Paperchase to construct by multicolour bonkers burst of glitter by adding cardboard holly leaves to their metallic baubles as the berries.  On a Christmas tip, Ive also included snaps of a couple of pieces I have made for Selfridges Christmas windows and my Christmas card for Conde Nast, featured on the advent calender on Vogue.  Hope everyone is having fun feeling festive and decking thier own offices and homes!  Not long to go!