Saturday 13 December 2008

Saturday 13th Dec: Pop up

Last night was the London launch of Carri Mundane's latest project which is a collaboration with Nike. The pop up shop is open to the public today so if you can, make the trip down to Brick Lane this afternoon. Including limited edition new + archive pieces from c a s s e t t e p l a y a + the Ldn release of our CP X Nike Blazer. CP X Nike Blazer also available in Dover St Market Ldn and internationally from this weekend at: Colette Paris + Slam Jam IT + Nike Mercer St NY+ NSW Tokyo.
I missed the party as I was helping Teo set the dance floor on fire at Visions but Carri came down after to represent as an original supporter of the Work It! team. Last night really was the best so far with Blaise Belleville's endless and relentless trail of tunes. I kept picking up my boliler suit in preparation to depart and then another classic anthem would be dropped............. I would have to turn straight back round and throw my hands in the air. No room for self-conscious shapes last night, it was back to back joyous booty shaking (tastefully I must add!). Roll on New Years Eve for the next installment!

(Here is an archive portrait taken by Andrew Gow at the Gareth Pugh Fashion in Motion at the V&A as I don't have any pics from last night)


@ NIKE 1948 space LDN.

477 - 478 Batemans Row.



Friday 12 December 2008

Friday 12th December: New Gen

The British Fashion Council have officially announced the winners of this year's New Gen sponsorship program.
Here is some edited text from the release on
"DANIELLE SCUTT, House of Holland, Louise Goldin, Mark Fast, Mary Katrantzou, Meadham Kirchhoff, Nasir Mazhar and Peter Pilotto all got an enviable pre-Christmas boost today as the British Fashion Council named them recipients of its coveted New Generation catwalk sponsorship, which is supported by Topshop, for London Fashion Week in February.
The award will allow them to show their autumn/winter 2009-10 collections on the official show schedule - for the very first time, in the case of newcomers Mark Fast, Mary Katrantzou and Nasir Mazhar.
In addition to the designers showing on the catwalk, New Gen is also supporting a swathe of talents - namely Anna Vince, Borba Margo, Craig Lawrence, Cooperative Designs, David David, Emilio de la Morena, Felder Felder, Fred Butler, Hannah Marshall, House of Holland, KTZ, Krystof Strozyna, Louise Gray, Mark Fast, Mary Katrantzou, Meadham Kirchhoff, Nicholas Kirkwood, Peter Pilotto - by providing them with sponsorship to show their collections at the London Fashion Week Exhibition."

Im having a bit of an out-of-body experience reading my name is on the list and still can't quite believe the news since I first heard it.
It seems so funny that exactly a year ago I met Craig Lawerence when we were both working on Patrick Wolf's finale at the Shepherds Bush Empire (purple ribbon garment by Craig seen here). Little did we know that we would both be recipients of this exciting opportunity the following Christmas! I love how funny life can work out in these strange mysterious ways. Congrats everyone else who won and also everyone else who entered, the future is another day and another opportunity waiting to happen.............

Fri 12th December: Glam Cult

Here is the result of the portrait shoot I did with Edmonds and Rodgers, commissioned by GlamCult Magazine.
The journalist Aynouk Tan spent a fun afternoon at the studio exploring my inner cosmos which was very refreshing compared the usual email questionnaires. In equal attention to detail, Kate and makeup artist Valeria spent a separate day getting me to not be so shy and crack a little smile for the camera to come up with a ridiculously colourful collection of shots. I'm so pleased with the outcome which was a final chance to shoot my A/W pieces and see them so saturated in zingy hue.
The Dutch Independent style magazine is a large format paper which also has music articles on Grace Jones, Micachu, Black Kids and Ladyhawke which you can download as a PDF at their site:

Thursday 11 December 2008

Thurs 11th Dec: Sara's got it, Tina's got it

Teo and & I are staying strictly vinyl and spinning some tunes at "Work It" tomorrow night.

Work It

10 – Late

Visions Video
588 Kingsland Rd

Johnny Dett
Maxwell Jaye
Battlecat and Spectrum (aka Teo & Fred)
Blaise Bellville

Thurs 11th Dec: Millinery Magic

I had the honour of being the sole student on a millinery course by RCA trained Andrew Macdonald who has made hats for both Couture shows and editorial commissions. It was such a lovely experience learning how to make a hat and also getting to know Andrew. Spending time in the tranquil surroundings of his studio based in The Chocolate Factory (Stoke Newington) was a very therapeutic way to while away a weekend. We sipped coffee, listened to Grace Jones and discussed everything from the hilarity of Diana Vreeland to Hibiscus of the Cockettes. I have an inkling that hat makers are born from a particular stock of serenity and silliness and I think I have finally found my calling. I have caught the millinery bug good and proper. Patiently hand stitching for hours on end to produce a finished article that you can wear on your head ................if only every day could be like that find out more about Andrews courses check out his blog...............

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Weds 10th Dec: Headcases

I am currently at the V&A doing research, the place is so big it needs a few days to get round. (Can I just interject here that it is really the best place in London). So where was I? Aha. I actually needed a paper bag to stop myself from hyperventilating when I read through the new brochure of activities. With the onset of the Stephen Jones Hat exhibition (Feb) there is a comprehensive list of seminars, demonstrations, short courses..............everything from a political debate with Vivienne Westwood to a class on the craft of feather trim! For any other mad-hatters out there, have a look, the V&A are doing us proud!

Here is a photo from the new fashion story on website 156 which is dedicated as "The Headpieces Issue" with other designs from the likes of Jeffrey Portman and House Of Flora (No prizes for guessing whose this is, sorry to repeat myself but I really like this new shot, thank you to 156!)

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Tues 9th Dec: Electrical banana

I remorsefully had to avoid the Angel's Costumiers Sale at the weekend to work on my business plan. Fair trade? The pain of wondering what I was missing out on was gleefully interrupted when this number came into my hands. It seems one of my aunts has actually held onto some of her 60's outfits and kept them in good condition. She recently found this and .............thought of me! Its a 2 piece with the biggest collar a mini-dress can uphold. Hooray for holding onto things, thank you so much Diane!

Monday 8 December 2008

Monday 7th Dec: The Ring Finger

So onto Anna Leader's film stills work and one for which she shot the poster image. It is one of my favourite projects where she caught the mystery and magic on set. The French film "L'annulaire" (the ring finger) directed by Diane Bertrand with original score by Portishead's Beth Gibbons. You may recognise the lead face of Olga Kurylenko who I believe was a model until head hunted by Diane to take this role. So Anna had the first chance to capture the celluloid moments of the latest Bond Girl............

Monday 7th Dec: The Cloud That Was Europe

Photographer Anna Leader has just re-launched her portfolio online by adding new work and redesigning her website with Luke Tarpey. Anna left London for the the Italian Swiss mountains in 2005 and has been snapping her way round Europe ever since. I am a staunch fan of her mesmeric portraiture but here is a new crop of breathtaking landscape work which I'm sure Anna wasn't expecting herself! These works have been exhibited in Berlin, Zurich, Rome, Barcelona.........not bad going Miss Leader!
By navigating your way through the archive you can see her range of fashion, still-life, interior and an impressive menu of film still (more of which I will touch on later). Her catalog of commission work is an multicultural melt pot of experiences from Social Enterprise in Brixton to the deepest depths of the Congo with Oxfam. ......................