Saturday 12 May 2012

Sat 12th May: NYC incoming guest post from Rosy Nicholas -"E-Vapor-8" curated by Francesca Gavin

"Mine and Chrissie's trip to New York was in the diary already, but part of the excitement of going was that we new Rhys had work in this exhibition at 319 Scholes in Brooklyn during our stay.
Rhys is my best friend in our neighbouring office that homes Leisure where he is editor and also a most excellent artist that you can check out here:
A few weeks before the private view date, he didnt have the funds to get himself to New York for the show, so prolific as ever, he created 'Project New York' , a service where people could donate different levels of money towards his trip and in turn receive an original poem/artwork or animation made by himself.  It only bloody worked and he raised more than he needed for his air fare.
My role in our daily life is to give Rhys a hard time and make him a strong brew while he calls me Bird (hes from Plymouth). At all other times our favourite thing to do is to get our hands up in the air and dance to fast music.  Sweaty.  So it comes as no surprise to me he was involved in this exhibition based on rave culture, E-VAPOR-8. And he did very well."

(images top to bottom: Jefferey Gibson, Travess Smalley, 
Jefferey Gibson again, Jeremy Deller, Rhys Coren (the tellys) this animation is shown in full on his website), jeremy deller (acid poster, Travess Smalley, Fatima Al Qadiri x2, Lucy Stokton 

All images of works and words by Rosy Nicholas.
E-Vapor-8 at 319 Scholes, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 

May 05 2012- May 18 2012  Opening Hours: 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Friday 11 May 2012

Friday May 11th - Hunger Magazine Issue 2 Launch

This week Hunger Magazine launched their second issue with an exhibition and party at Rankin's HQ open studio space in North London.  Contributors and subjects of the features came together to see the final edited copy for the first time and also get together for a dance to some reggae c/o special dj Jack Penate.  Here is Vicky Lawton (Creative Director) wearing the Piers Atkinson Hunger logo visor made on commission for one of Kim Howells stories.  It turned out to be an unintentional tribute night to Piers millinery with both myself and Daisy wearing his headpieces = the pom poms from a new line in development for ASOS.  
On a millinery tip (top hat) other guests included Charlie Le Mindu and his consultant Anna Trevelyan who also worked on a shoot and fashion film for the issue.  You can't tell by my photography, but Anna's hair is currently a flame of rainbow hues recently having undergone its latest Le Mindu treatment.  Above you can also see blue haired Keko Hainswheeler who is profiled in the artists section and Craig Lawrence who is included in a focus on London's new generation designers (alongside James Long, Louise Gray, Katie Eary).  The other imagery I snapped from the large scale prints on the gallery walls, are from a beauty story with makeup artist Andrew Gallimore which you can view in motion, over on the site........

Follow Hunger TV on Twitter for updates from the issue unfolding in film online............

Friday 11th May: Walala at Land Of Kings Festival

This time last week, my local neighbourhood of East London was undergoing final preparations for its annual music festival "Land Of Kings".  The weekend event seeks out unexpected venues up and down the strip from Shoreditch to Stoke Newington to turn over into concert auditoriums, dance floors and performance spaces.  This year the catering angle stepped up a level with pop-up refreshments, including this thematic cafe by Camille Walala who transformed a greasy spoon into a cosmic diner.  In keeping with the festival's graphic identity by illustrator Colin Henderson this was the perfect match to link up with Walala's trademark Memphis style interiors. .............. 

"We only had 2hours to set up the all place as we got the key at 5 pm and we started to serve food at 7pm!
It's been a wonderful experience and I m glad i had A LOT OF FRIENDS who helped me to realise this project!!
I always wanted to have a greasyspoon, keeping the kitchiness of it + adding some of my patterns everywhere + Same menu but using nice ingredients!
For me they so important and represent the english culture that i love (Martin Parr style!)//...... I don't want them to disapear and I think that will be a good way to retransform them with a bit more colourful and graphic way!
so voila!"

After tripping out on some 3D mapped pattern projections at a Factory Floor gig in a giant Turkish banqueting hall in an original 1920's cinema .......... you could wander down the road for a burger and chips and transport you on set in something reminiscent of the canteen from Saved By The Bell............... that is the magic and mystery ride of The Land Of Kings......... well done everyone involved!!!

(All images from before and after the event, sent over from Camille by Petter Weilenmann- Higashi and Charlotte Law)

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Weds 9th May: Jason Evans at Hyères Festival

One artist I think I know who will like the previous marble pour paintings is Jason Evans whom I share a love for all things colourful and cosmic.  Here is a vertiginous picture of the installation he has just been exhibiting at Hyères Festival whilst there to judge the photographic competition.  All images linked together for this particular showcase follow the theme of projects he has been commissioned and collaborated on over the last twenty years from fashion to album artwork.  To mimic the magazine pages that the shoots have appeared on, the photos have been printed on paper sheets and hung in a flat plan.  In trademark Evans style, he painted the walls of the gallery space in a hazard pattern, picking up on the tones of flower blossom from the flowers at Villanoailles (of which you can see one single stem in the corner).
To add to this panoramic that Jason has kindly sent over, I have photographed pages from his "Sunday Supplement" magazine which Caribou commissioned for their ATP festival curated at Butlins last year.  Jason worked with Alex Rich to edit images from his unpublished archive spanning street and still life pictures.   You can see the shot with green gloves included in the Hyères show (1st left) and many examples of his psychedelic shots that appear every day on his website "The Daily Nice".  If you weren't at Hyeres to enjoy the event, you can read a great review over on i-D Online with a portrait of Jason and Yohji Yamamoto taken by Terry Jones and watch an interview with Jason and the other exhibitors  here.

You can purchase "Sunday Supplement" by Jason Evans & Alex Rich here.