Saturday 8 November 2008

Saturday 8th November: Saturday Nights Alright

I have been the subject of a portrait series today shot by photographer Kate Rodgers. We had great fun spending time on the makeup with artist Valeria Ferreira. The best bit is that I now get to go out dancing with it still on! I could get very used to having professional Makeup! Bring it on!.............................

Friday 7 November 2008

Friday 7th November: No Days Off

Well hopefully there will be some days off for the newly formed creative design team Teo Connor and Patrick Duffy who operate under the moniker "No Days Off". Although it would be almost comprehensible that they enjoy days at the office, as the new headquarters are located in a snazzy studio block built from recycled shipping containers! To announce the dawn of a new age for "N.D.O", they are holding an exhibition of special prints that link with the identity of the website. Each time you reload the site, a new and different logo flashes up to entertain your return.
The works on show (as seen here) have been hand-printed from mag plates on an original Heidelberg press in collectable limited runs. If you visit the exhibit you can purchase your own edition or pick up a pack of the newly designed Christmas cards...........which are literally hot off the press..............sorry for the pun guys, just couldn't hold back..................its a laugh a minute on this blog!
To see what other diverse design direction the duo undertake, check out the back catalog containing such projects as Pure Groove , The Design Museum and East Photographic.

Ada St Gallery
2 Ada St
London E8 4QU
(just off Broadway Market)
Show continues to Sunday 9th November

Thursday 6 November 2008

Thurs 6th Nov: Timothy James Andrews

Last week I had a chance encounter with a designer who I am a BIG FAN of, so I was over the moon to make contact. I didn't realise that the gentlemen in a green woolly wonder with crochet flower pin detail was Timothy until after we had been chatting for quite a while. So when his garment bags opened and I saw the familiar cosmic creations, I couldn't contain my complements! He is the man responsible for the awesome Royal College MA collection seen here in this 1st picture styled by K A B I R. I remember walking past Kokon To Zai and internally self combusting and freaking out at the rainbow attack of patterns and textures in the window.
The latest collection is a barrage of wide tufting edged cable knit against tie-dye colours peeking through black canvas........all topped off with bubbles of overflowing rich stripey pom poms. Timothy has sent me some photos from his work space to give us a glimpse into his brainstorm bazaar and yarn store. The outline of inspiration for his next collection sounds MEGA YUMMY so I will keep track on what gets conjured up and other developments from the next London knitwear maverick.

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Weds 5th Nov: Useless Info

On my latest charity shop tune treasure hunt I found a dance floor gem. Probably a controversial choice from Weller's career but I guess that's personal preference or more correctly a plaintive guilty pleasure! However, it was enlightening reading the credits and seeing that the cover was shot by Nick Knight! Perhaps another unexpected fact?!

Tues 5th Nov: Santa Claus is coming

The Selfridges Christmas windows unveiled at the weekend with a scheme of Santa Claus getting up to tricks in funny scenarios, including an underground train carriage! In 2 windows he is doing his Christmas shopping referring to his list which was conjured up by us on commission from the Selfridges 3D team. Chloe Bell channelled Santa all the way from the North Poll to get an accurate hand writing style and list of requests including "Reindeer Chow". Here is a snap from our work-in-progress............the tassels that we hand made to get the right colours............

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Tues 4th Nov: Where The Wild Things Are

What an amazing surprise to give me a bounce in my step amidst this grey dismal Autumn. I found 4 credits in the new British Vogue which I wasn't expecting. Lucinda Chambers has jumbled up neon camping and nautical themes for a tropical woodland adventurer. Im so chuffed Patrick Demachelier's zingy saturated colours bring my iridescent oragami to life alongside these delicious Pam Hogg fluorescent leggings. *DREAMY* As a platform for my fantasy wishlist of frocks, I would like to add a new entry of these leggings in a the top slot. If I ever wore these, I would be floating on air.
Pam Hogg's window display for Browns is beautiful so if you are in the South Molten Street vicinity, go and have a peek at the gold & silver leather suit and black spandex bat suit! It is the 1st thing Ive ever seen to make me consider suppressing my gothphobia! But it was originally made for Siouxie Sioux who is one of my style icons so this may have something to do with it!

Monday 3 November 2008

Mon 3rd November: Make-up for your alter ego

I can't believe I have managed to miss this news, so just incase anyone else has.............
Alex Box is consulting for a new London based makeup line that has just launched "Illamasqua". Taking its inspiration from 1920's Berlin where the severe maquillage from the silver screen trickled down to the clubs and streets, spurring a trend for dramatic looks. This adoption of professional makeup technique by a subculture repeated itself again in scenes such as Punk, New Romantic and Gothic. All of these references have been put in a big "George's Marvellous Medicine" style melting pot and the product is a range of trail-blazing cosmetics. I was especially impressed by the comprehensive range of foundation starting at white and ending at black with every slight nuance of flesh tone inbetween.
Alex Box is joined by David Vanian (singer of The Damned) in the Art Team, directing the stories within the 'Alter Ego' concept. Embracing alternative culture and offering an accessible facility to transform yourself in such a way is ridiculously on-trend in the financial climate! I have just learnt that historically sales of red lipstick sky rocket at times of economic crises. Women can instantly transform their look and maximise their beauty with one sweep of cosmetic colour..................

Here is a backstage photo of Alex's makeup for Gareth Pugh A/W 08 show