Thursday 11 August 2016

Thursday 11th August: Notting Hill Carnival 2016, Mas - Sunshine International Arts

Following last year's theme of "Oil Slick" , Sunshine International Arts have shed the black tarred feathers and grown new wings of multi-colour mas-colour spectrums for "all Ah We IS oNE".

"After all the struggles and strife of war.... we leave it behind us and sail to a better future filled with love, hope, peace and unity.....
Our faces reflect all emotion and all colours.  We are not of one colour but are mixed.
No Black!  No White!  No yellow!  No Red!
No distinguishable colour forces itself to the forefront.
Our people are colour bright and beautiful.   A rainbow of love.
Live and let live - all Ah We IS oNE.  All Ah We share one pure unadulterated heart!"

Here you can see hints and details of the large scale face costumes which will indicate the message of "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil".  All of this preperation will come together as full looks complete with trimmed accessories on bank holiday weekend.  Keep your eye out for the rainbow in amongst the parade and remember it's the award-winning Sunshine Arts International.......... or get involved with a hands-on experience of helping make the costumes at their events schedule here.

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Tuesday 10th August: NikeLab x R.T

NIKE Lab launched the new Riccardo Tisci collaboration with a preview of the collection in an installation of dried flowers, followed by a Travis Scott gig in a jungle of exotic flowers and virtual reality projected flora by Hellicar Lewis.

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Tuesday 9th August: Dress You Up by Rosy Nicholas

Here it is, "Dress You Up" by Rosy Nicholas is now in the shops and launched with an evening of accessorised gin'n'tonics at The Ace Hotel.  Rosy has wallpapered the atrium walls with giant posters of her graphic collages by Chrissie Abbott and made rings, brooches and stickers to decorate her guests.  Pick up a copy to teach yourself the tricks of her nifty knitting-nancy secrets and start making your own tinsel pom-poms!

Follow Rosy's beautiful Instagram here

Monday 8 August 2016

Monday 8th August: Port Eliot Festival 2016 via Rosy Nicholas


Now that Rosy Nicholas book has officially hit the shelves, she has begun spreading the word with a stint at this year's Port Eliot literary festival in the workshop tents.  Alongside designers Stephen Jones, Piers Atkinson, Ed Marler & Molly Goddard, she was on hand to help festival-goers turn their civvies into festival couture.  Here are her snaps from the weekend and her book from which you can also teach yourself how to make her accessories! 

me wearing my accessories I was making, cute band of old men, me on the lawn, Port Eliot grounds / the viaduct, boss morris dancers x 3, ribbons and a bike in the fashion dept, Katie Jones macrame fashion they were making , good tents, a tote bag one of my crafters made, my book in the book tent, young Piers Atkinson fans, the MAC Cosmetics tent at sunset)

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