Friday 7 December 2012

Friday 7th Dec: A Day At The Design Museum

Here is the Design Museum Mary Katrantzou digital print Christmas Tree going up to coincide with the first day of the jewellery exhibition opening "Unexepected Pleasures".   The show curated by designer Dr. Susan Cohn consists of 200 pieces celebrating international contemporary jewellers who challenge the conventions of the craft.  Meanwhile a second exhibition by Swarovski named "Digital Crystal"  demonstrates diversity in translating the material via fifteen commissioned installations exploring the future of memory in the digital age.  If your'e interested in avant-garde accessories this is a win, win, win day trip!

Design Museum, 28 Shad ThamesLondon SE1 2YD

Thursday 6 December 2012

Thurs 6th Dec: "Pins And Needles" Digital Embroidery Tactile Poster exhibition curated by Custhom

An exhibition of tactile embroidered posters 
Print House Gallery
18 Ashwin Street,
London, E8 3DL
6 Dec – 14 Jan,

Thurs 6th Dec: Thomas Sabo launch at the top of The Shard

Having witnessed the building of The Shard at London Bridge over the past couple of seasons whilst visiting the Red Bull Catwalk Studios down the road, it was an amazing privilege to attend the first ever party at the summit now it is complete.  Jeweller Thomas Sabor held a launch on the 69th floor by totally taking over the empty interior and turning into a one night disco with Blonstein by installing a mirror dance floor and cases for the jewels.  I felt like I was in an episode of "Sex In The City" sipping a cocktail looking out at this incredible view from the highest point Ive ever been in this metropolis.  We were allowed access to the 70th floor and step outside to see the actual triangular shard shapes from close range (see pic above) which was the most awesome experience Ive had of sight seeing in this city's skyline.  Absolutely AMAZING!  I recommend taking a trip when it opens to the public in February!

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Weds 5th Dec: Incoming - Gary Card's Cosmic Cyber Christmas Tree Part 2

Thanks to Gary for winging over an extra set of snaps from his Christmas Tree build and installation at Kings Cross Filling Station with a video of the final flashing spectacle!