Saturday 4 February 2012

Sat 4th Feb: Pomp De Franc

I am plotting and planning with a few different collaborators across fields of creative exploits this season ......... one of which is Pomp De Franc. Katie Franklin first made me a cosmic Batternberg for The W Project, then magnificent monochrome cupcakes for my Lazy Oaf launch, followed by blue foil versions for House of Organza. Here is a tower of rainbow for her most recent commission from Holly Shackleton, editor of i-D Magazine. Tune in later in the month to find out what we have dreamt up for my AW12 presentation on Mon 20th ............

Thursday 2 February 2012

Fri 3rd Feb: Red Bull Catwalk Studios - Report by Emily Beard

Charli XCX in studio as part of Red Bull Catwalk Studio, which sees designers paired with musicians to collaborate on a soundtrack for their shows at London Fashion Week. The track will be inspired by the themes and inspirations behind Fred's AW12 collection.
Charli will be performing the track created live at the London Fashion Week show at Somerset House on the 20th February. The track will also be released on the same day as a free download at

(photos taken whilst recording, with a visit from MTV News who will be compiling interviews on the project)

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Thurs 2nd Feb: Original post removed

Weds 1st Feb: LCF MA - Roisin McAtamney

Last evening was the opening for the static exhibition of the combined MA courses at LCF (MA FASHION ARTEFACT, MA COSTUME DESIGN FOR PERFORMANCE, MA DIGITAL FASHION,MA FASHION & ENVIRONMENT, MA FASHION CURATION, MA FASHION DESIGN TECHNOLOGY,MA FASHION MEDIA PRODUCTION, MA FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY, MA FOOTWEAR,PG CERT FASHION: CREATIVE PATTERN CUTTING FOR THE INDUSTRY). Here is the multi-colour knitwear of Roisin McAtamney from the digital fashion strand who incorporated custom made Microsoft Tags within the pattern which are a version of a scannable barcode. Each garment in her collection has it's own unique code and when scanned with a Microsoft Tag Reader App, a fashion video of the piece will appear and play on a smart phone. COSMIC! This is the future!

Showtime, Victoria House Basement, Victoria House

Monday 30 January 2012

Mon 30th Jan: NYC Galleries - Beverly Fishman at Galerie Richard

Beverly Fishman's multi-hued paintings and sculptures have a signature scientific and pharmaceutical slant. Traditional blown-glass pill forms allude to medicinal and recreational drug themes, whilst the vinyl spectrum line horizontal pictures pan out the actual feelings from of mind altering substances. They illustrate this with woven fields of neural imagery, sound waves and other technological data across the polished stainless steel panels. Whatever the original inspiration, I would like all these intricate colour and patterned pieces in my home!!!! These pills would look beautiful on a shelf inamongst antique venetian swirl glass vases............ if I had some of those too ............

December 10, 2011-January 28, 2012

Sunday 29 January 2012

Sun Jan 29th: NYC Galleries - Campaign' at C24

Although I did enjoy the Damien Hirst colourful spots at the Gagosian ......... it transpired that it was a draw to discover a whole road of other fantastic exhibitions which I'm so pleased I stumbled upon and got to see. Here at C24 Gallery the current show 'Campaign' curated by Amy Smith-Stewart, asked 27 international artists to explore how the female body is represented in marketing - addressing concepts such as status, power, dominance and beauty.
"What perpetuates this hegemonic depiction of women and how do we reveal what is really underneath the super-perfect veneer"
I was tempted in from the various alluring colours combined across free standing sculptures and works on the wall............ including this cloud of fluro yarn ......... which is of course by the fantastic Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir a.k.a. Shoplifter. This particular piece was set up for a site specific performance on the opening night with legs poking out from the top which you can see documented over on the site. Another work using limbs appearing from unexpected surfaces is the above image by Mika Rottenberg in a brilliant series of images deploying complex and strategic anatomical set design.
This show addressing subject matter focused on femininity in contemporary culture, is akin to the direction of The W Project taking part in London on National Women's Day. The second stint of this enterprise has gathered even more names to the list of exhibitors, so keep an eye on updates as they unfold on their Tumblr prior to the opening at KKOutlet on March 8th.

'Campaign' at C24 Gallery, 514 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011

(top to bottom: Adam Helms , K8 Hardy, Kate Gilmore , Mika Rottenberg, Shoplifterm, Katie Cercone, Elif Uras , Fay Ray )