Saturday 5 July 2008

Sat 5th July: Village Carnival

I came home to join the family on the quiz team and help run the BBQ at the village carnival. The theme this year is Nursery Rhymes. Jean's regalia cracked me up so much! I think she is puss'n'boots and chose to denote this through belting a cross-stitch cat cushion to her front. You aren't gonna pick up sartorial tips like that in Grazia! And to add to the fashion pack, here are the WI on their cake stall with their on-trend flower facsinators.

Friday 4 July 2008

Thurs 3rd July: Victor & Rolf

I met up with the third member of Victor & Rolf at the Barbican for thier new London show. No, Im only joking of course! This is Peter and Emma who I graduated with in 2003. We had a lovely impromtu reunion where we all ended up at the late night opening (the fashion slaves that we are).

This exhibition is *sick. Sick for so many different reasons. But essentially just because Victor & Rolf themselves are sick. To have been so prolific with so many insanely truly inventive concepts. Where is there left to go? They seem to have covered every conciebale idea that has never been thought of before. Then pushed it to the limit of earthly possibity. This show houses the whole shibang and reminds you of all the details that you have either forgotton or just missed the 1st time around.

The other notable trumph that needs to be flagged up, is the precision of The Barbican's curation. I had even forgotton this factor..........that The Barbican is so spot on in pushing boundries...............


*Sick: So good, it makes you feel a bit ill

Thurs 3rd July: Victoria And Albert

Teo and I were welcomed into the hub of the Victoria And Albert Museum for a meeting about the Village Fete. Their studio is a hive of activity as the team are currently putting together the next fashion exhibition "Fashion Vs Sport". The show will comprise of 60 outfits from designers such as Bernard Wilhelm, Jeremy Scott, JCDC , Y-3, Kim Jones, Casette Playa, Galliano, Comme for Speedo etc. We liked the elephant hoody by Aitor Throup which has been photographed for thier press images by Tim & Barry.

Wednesday 2 July 2008

Tue 2nd July: The Culture Show

The Culture Show visited St.Luke's church last week to cover the LSO concert with guest collaborator Bishi. Here are screen grabs from last night's episode showing the hair pins that she comissioned from me to match her pinstripe dress. She also had another look for the feature, which was a spectacular dress made for her by Ada Zanditon. The program is repeated on Sunday night on BBC 2 or you can watch it online at the bbc website iplayer............

Weds 2 July: Mr.Carr

My beloved Mr.Carr in London for one day ...............and his latest footwear, where our worlds collide in shoe appreciation with his new Raf Simons S/S boots that remind me of Japanese action figures........

Tuesday 1 July 2008

Tues 1 July: Website Update

The world's best web-master Luke Tarpey is tinkering away updating the content on my website..........a few bits might pop up over the next few days but its ready to go

Sun 29th June: Reykjavik Grapevine

I don't have enough insight and authority to write a comprehensive statement about the message of the concert on Saturday. (The crux is that large areas of Icelandic countryside are being demolished to build dams to run new Aluminium plants to export. With other knock-on implications to the countries economy......... )

For the best explanation, follow this link to a Reykjavik publication to download and read an article and interview with Bjork who initiated this event.

(illustration from front cover by Bobby Breidholt)

Monday 30 June 2008

Sat 28th June: Reykjavik: Náttúra

Sat 28th June: Reykjavik: Aftur

Here is the boutique of the line "Aftur" which Raven runs with her sister Bara (seen here). Their signature style is to compile recycled materials into their own voluminous designs. Some are cloaks of plaid patchworked together in circular seams and some are oversized sweatshirts in horizontal stripes of polkadot jerseys. Textiles are hand dyed/bleached and embellished to make each garment a unique piece.

Sat 28th June: Reykjavik

I arrived late Friday night/early Sat morning to begin a weekend of never setting are a couple of snaps to set the scene of the blue sky. I met Raven in Boston Bar which is a new destination in the city since the lamentable closure of legendary "Sirkus" owned by her friend Sigga. The decor features illustrations on the bar by artist Gabriela Fridriksdottir who represented Iceland when I was a the Venice Biennale in 2005.