Saturday 26 April 2008

Saturday26th April: Quant Dissertation

Im at home and have remembered to dig out my mum's project on Mary Quant from 1967 (have wanted to blog this for some time). It includes original magazine tears, cosmetic boxes, swing tags, labels, knitting patterns,and stationary. "It is her regard for practicability which I most admire and the fact that she puts great thought into her designing. She has not only created a 'look' but a way of life as well". Now I just have to dig a bit deeper to find some pictures of my mum at the time to see what she means!............. I think white lipstick is going to crop up! (sorry these photos are back to front)

Friday 25 April 2008

Friday 25th April: Foil Ruff

I originally ran this piece up for the final BoomBox on NYE. So it is fantastic that it has had another use and been incorporated into a couture story by Grace Cobb in the new Wonderland Magazine (model Ikeliene). I really enjoy seeing how stylists interpret my designs. I made it to be worn around the neck but now I see it fits quite well in hair............

Thursday 24 April 2008

Thurs 24th April: Viva Soiree

Mark Daniel Bailey, Nova Dando and I hosted an evening to celebrate our window installation at Viva salon in Soho. Music was supplied by Lou Hayter and Jackson Scott (seen here) and drinks were sponsored by Kopparburg and Cube PR. I don't want to make this sound like a party page review in a cheap newspaper supplement so I will stop there. But much fun had by all so thanks for all those who attended!

Thurs 24th April: Dodecahedron Collision

This is it! The launch of my collection at Cube PR today "Dodecahedron Collision". Here you can see the look book which has been designed to fold into a fortune teller by the graphic design maestro Wren studio. The look book also has beautiful photography by Annie Collinge and styling by Alex Cunningham. The photos can also be viewed at a new menu page on thanks to the webmaster extraordinare wizardry of Luke Tarpey. Big thanks to my uncle and aunt who lent me this amazing shop cabinet to display my wares. Big thanks to everyone that helped me with my collection : Holly Macdonald, Holly Ormrod, Rosie Ray, Maki Lou Lou, Jessica Dance, Thanks to Sarah Magnay for the unrivalled sewing dexterity in making up the glove - inserting different colour panels in between the fingers! Thanks to K A B I R for loaning his sewing machine in an hour of need.........Lots of thank yous to make..........

Wednesday 23 April 2008

Tuesday 22 April: Replay

Photographer Toyin spent the day at 33 Portland Place making a film for to showcase the new Replay collection. She captured models amongst clouds of black baloons, set against the crumbling decadence of the incredible townhouse. Here are Mishkin at the event's celebration. Amy (a long standing accomplice of Toyin) was wearing a beautiful all-in-one knitted garment by Coperative designs and looked like a real life pierrot doll.

Monday 21 April 2008

Sun 20th April: We are Scientists

Dr. Butler and Dr.Maki Lou Lou went on a medical field trip to "The Science of Survival" at The Science Museum.................extremely important research into how we can save the planet.............and a mild excuse for rainbow discovery on a Sunday..........