Friday 3 October 2008

Friday 3rd October: On The Box Again

In life's bizarre twist of fate, I found myself on set of a TV production again. This time in the hub of BBC Television Centre for Jonathon Ross. I had a last minute call from Bishi to make her a red necklace for her performance on the weekly chat show. I scrambled round for 2 hours and put together a cute choker to go with the white hair pieces I made for her before. I bombed down to White City and delivered and fitted the necklace before she headed off to the Green Room to join..............Faye Dunaway. Wow, what a dream come to life! It was an incredible experience to sit at the side of the set and watch at such close range and also through the camera monitors buzzing around. So tune into BBC1 at 10:30 tonight to check out the result and the defining moment to place Bishi into the greater consciousness. Congrats!
(Thanks to Alex for buying fabric, Chloe, Laura and Laura for helping scalpel, stick and sew!)

Here are some beautiful shots of Bishi by photographer Mads Perch where she is wearing a shoulder piece I made earlier in the year, styled by Susie Lloyd.

Wednesday 1 October 2008

Weds 01 October 08: On the box

Yesterday I had my first encounter with the TV world. I surprised myself immensely by a) agreeing to do it b) actually finding myself doing it on the day. Its not in my nature to do this kind of thing at all. Im too shy to even say boo to a ghost.
But I told myself that I should do it because I love watching old TV clips so much on youtube............especially the few rare appearances that Leigh Bowery made on incongruous chat shows. Seeing him out of his normal comfort zone and a bit nervous is so endearing and enlightening. Here is a perfect and bizarre example. For anyone who hasn't see this before, wait for the quote of Gary Glitters career when he innocently retorts about knowing how to please young boys.................
Hmmm anyway, back to Bowery. So it made my day and the whole thing worthwhile when I found out that the show had borrowed in an actual vintage Bowery outfit to feature. Heaven! What a fantastic sign from above that it was the right decision............
.........well, lets wait and see.............I will post when it is going to be aired so watch this space..........

Monday 29 September 2008

Monday 29th Sept: Tinsle Tinkering

I have the good fortune to have Maki and Chloe helping me at the moment. Here are my knights in shining armor trying out some shiny accessories we are whipping up for a job tomorrow. So here is your first introduction to illustrator Chloe Bell and a regular appearance by Maki Lou Lou who is sitting here amongst the boxes for the new S/S collection..................

Sunday 28 September 2008

Sunday 28th September: Golden Phone

I have been trying to catch Micachu at one of her many recent performances after finding out about her in The Cut Magazine earlier in the summer. A very last minute decision under September sunset rays on a rooftop in Dalston, I made a dash all the way down to to New Cross for the 1 day event "Nail on The Cross". It was a whole day of art, music, stand up and film screenings across 5 venues for which I met up with ex-Goldsmiths student Vicky Langdon to see the final acts. At last, I got to witness the talent behind the ukelle, cow bell and vacuum cleaner musical chemistry. Micachu is joined on stage by "The Shapes" who accompany her with a plethora of percussion and smiles. You can see what I'm talking about in this cute little film. Humour is my elixir and I think these guys are on the same vibe..........
The other act I was chuffed to see is thecocknbullkidd who I have blogged before and can now tick off my "to see" list. The night was a strange and surprising mixed audience including the assistants of an international stylist, casting for models. I love the idea that this is the length that is gone to for street go all the way to the Amersham Arms on a Saturday night. I didn't feel quite so mad after all!