Friday, 26 November 2010

Sat 27th Nov: LN-CC - Report by Emily Beard

If you go down to Dalston today you're in for a big surprise. A huge one, in fact. Tucked away in the depths of the creative hub is new concept store Late Night Chameleon Cafe (LN-CC). But this is no run of the mill concept store.
The interior design is something to behold in the flesh, collaboration between Gary Card and his father, Christopher Card. Each room has a different theme, immersing visitors into the mood of the surroundings. The heart of the store is the futuristic honeycomb-like corridoor which links three concept rooms, a book and record store, a music room for private events, and a working studio.
The store embraces the concept of changing to fit it's purpose, sections are designed to be moved and adjusted.
But this is only the beginning for LN-CC. Their expansion ('Phase 2') will see a new room revealed, to be used as a gallery space for exhibitions and screenings.

Report by Emily Beard

Friday 26th Nov: Cant get enough Lazy Oaf

Er, hello! I visited Lazy Oaf HQ this week and the floor of their fun filled studio was awash with boxes being unpacked from a brand spanking new delivery of swanky garms. I looted this rosy rainbow cat number to add to my ever increasing accumulation of multicolour additions to my monochrome wardrobe - LOVE IT! I also love this snake long sleeve dress which looks like you have bunting across your chest .......... and last but not least, the Lazy Oaf for Selfridges "Shut your Mouth" Sweatshirt which is a face with a mouth that zips open and closed...........head over to their site to watch the giff demonstration by a rather cute boy!
The graphic t-shirts on the rack are destined for The Clothes Show Live where the girls will be setting up shop from 3-8th DEC..............

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thurs 25th Nov: Passport Pics

Ok, please contain your laughter when looking at these.............. I was 19 - 21 (1999-2001). If you read the article below you'll understand why Im posting them! At this time I thought I looked like a Manga character with my blue/black hair.......... mini kilt skirts, school girl baggy socks and big Buffalo boots ............ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............but Im glad I have these funny little snaps to remind me of the time...........

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Thurs 25th Nov: Morgan O'Donovan: The Facebook Project

When I was at college, I had a little penchant for visiting the passport photo booth in Boots when you could get 16 miniature portraits on one sheet for £2. I liked to record my changing hair styles and colour.......... and of course colour of my clothes every day. When they phased this out I stopped the routine and with the introduction of digital photography I stopped acquiring any printed proof of my changing face. This method of capturing your look has now changed over to the tool of facebook profile pictures. Everyone (most people on the Internet) have an account and a carefully selected mug shot to best encompass their current mood. The thing is that no one is recording it - its totally transitory. The snaps stack up in the folder online and don't get stored anywhere significant for future sartorial research............ until now. Photographer Morgan O'Donovan wanted to lift the faces off the pages of his friends public personas and put them in a project. By going out and about in London he could guarantee rounding up the most number of characters in one sitting which found him setting up in clubs and bars. The result is a catalogue of over 500 stark ring-flash straight up snaps. Every subject instructed not to smile was shot to expose the purest expression with no opportunity to feign an affected front. The cross section of contenders is really refreshing with no identifiable London cliques ......... (even his mum's friends feature)......... which is representative of the nature of "friends" on facebook........its a massive and varied network of associations and not necessarily close companions. Amongst the game of "guess who", are a plethora of recognisable faces from the fashion realm in-which Morgan usually works.............. head down to Dalston Superstore to scan the prints and slideshow to spot designers and stylists from the scene...............

117 Kingsland High Street, London, United Kingdom, E8 2PB 12:00 pm - 2:00 am

(Here is Morgan with his work and a detail of Patrycja Grimm's makeup which is a beautiful butterfly a little like something Im working on at the moment.............check back for more on that)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tues 23 Nov: My archive of ThreeASFOUR Circle bags

Thanks to Alistair Allan feverishly snapping away at Boombox and Anti Social in 2006-2007, I have a good collection of shots of some of my bags. Dirty Dirty Dancing is such a fantastic photo album to trawl and reminisce............. and see alot of very fresh faced starters who have now become establishment.......... go see!

Tues 23 Nov: ThreeASFOUR X Tron X Opening Ceremony

I am so hyped about this news. In my opinion the perfect pocket book / purse (call it whatever you like) is the genius and classic circle bag by ThreeASFOUR. They have tinkered with the shape over the years, introducing new styles such as the nunchucks double "Kidney" on chain. However, my favourite always has and always will be the circle. If I ever feel slightly under-dressed I have to remember that as soon as I put on my bag, Im instantly accessorized. Its funny how many people think that it is actually part of my jacket. Its permanently a talking point - the general public are intruiged what this cyber fin is doing jutting out of my shoulder. Its a bag that fits ergonomically and fits snuggly with no way open to pick-pocket or opportunist thieves. I literally can't think of a better design.

The bag was initially the identity of the AsFOUR designers and their friends running around the Lower East Side in New York or from party to party at Paris Fashion Week. A few metallic leather colours were produced and sold at their select stockists but I should think that these vintage items are a rare find now. Im an incredibly lucky girl in that I am allowed to make one each time I visit ThreeAsFOUR in New York. But now, thanks to Opening Ceremony the iconic (and much copied) circle bag is back and its re-surfaced for a perfect project: Tron Legacy Opening Ceremony Collection. If you havn't checked out the primary colour neoprene futuristic collection, quickly click over to the site in lightening speed.................. its what all our generation (kids of the 80's) have been waiting for!

"The original 1982 TRON film from Walt Disney Pictures remains an unparalleled classic in the sci-fi canon, a dreamy romp through the future as imagined in the 80s. The long-awaited sequel hits theaters on December 17th, and while you are waiting for the 3-D/Imax experience, you can check out our men's, women's, and accessories collections inspired by the TRON universe. High-tech aesthetics, neon, and laser cutting dominate in this super-structured collection. Also awesome is the three way collaboration bag, a ThreeASFOUR X Tron X Opening Ceremony revival of the classic circle bag."

(Here is a photo of GABi in one of his circle bags circa aprox 2004, which I don't know who to credit for but I remember the moment well! And here are a couple of snaps of the the brand new bags at the studio just before they were delivered ..........when they were having their very own calico canvas circular storage bags sewn up)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Mon 22nd Nov: Alex Cunningham for Cooperative Designs

This season Alex Cunningham's ongoing collaboration with Cooperative Designs focused on a smaller specific detail ........... glasses as props for their installation performance. How blinking (pun intended) cool are they?! Alex invented Bakelite looking eyewear to accessorize the concept of an imaginary film set in a fantasy 1920's Colonial bar in India. "Bollywood Babylon" is a collection of art deco graphic patterns, modernised with abstract proportions and sharp lines. With this in mind, Alex answered the brief by experimenting with lazer cutting perspex and layering sections to assemble her own vision of spectacles. Not only are they cunning little items in their own right but they served an integral function in the presentation as tools for the models to engage in conversation and gesture. I'm very shy about wearing my glasses through ridiculous and unwarranted vanity so I think its great that frames are finding their way into fun high end fashion in this way. Despite being "props" I think the elements could be easily pared down and applied to a range of everyday glasses........... a discerning way to accessorize your eyes............. that sounds right up my street............
Here are Alex's snaps from the process and images from the Look Book which Amy Gwatkin shot live at the presentation against David White's set in The Groucho Club. On entry to the show each guest was requested to sign in by writing their details on an envelope............... a gimmick from those crafty Cooperative Girls......... as these have now been stamped up and sent out with the look book and fanzine of information inside. I wondered why the hell there was a letter on my doormat addressed with my exact hand writing! I momentarily freaked out before hacking into it and discovering this trick! Certainly not one for the junk mail pile.............. infact its gone straight up on my wall as with all the previous season's communications from the girls!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sun 21st Nov: Vote Pam

Here is Pam Hogg at Andrew's show, who is another fashion hero ...........and "individual who embodies the spirit of British fashion and is an international ambassador for the UK as a leading creative hub for fashion" according to the British Fashion Award category for British Style in which she has been nominated. I voted for Pam as she is by far the most inspiring nominee with instinctive sense of style and integrity ............. go here to find out more and put down your vote.

Sun 21st Nov: Andrew Logan at Flowers

Any excuse to see the work by one of my favourite "Top 40" fashion heros Andrew Logan is a massive highlight and rare pleasure. I don't think its difficult to see why I love this national treasure so much - the pursuit in colour, light, reflection, shimmer and spirituality. I remember going to the National Portrait Gallery as a child and particularly resonating with one piece - Andrew's mosaic bust of Zandra Rhodes. His work is so refreshing and intriguing, I would absolutely love to be able to wear a piece one day. The opening nights of his shows are always a double showcase with the guests each wearing their own piece of Logan which assembles an entire walking archive of adornments. It would be a great project to stop every person and ask the story behind the accessory. For example Lois Acton's easter-egg foil wrapping incorporated into her ring and her mother's Iceland quartz set in the cross round her neck. Its so nice that the jewellery is worn and enjoyed by its collectors rather than being stashed away for Sunday best. I particularly like Lois's description of the sunlight refractions from her bangle when swimming in the Mediterranean sea. Not to mention her stories of the costumes she wore when taking part in the Alternative Miss World over the years...........including an outfit designed by Alex Noble - a family friend and child she used to take on holidays with her own family......... Birdy - for whom I have to thank for inviting me to this show. Lois also explained that the large gold sculpture encompassing Andrews childhood is literally made of toys he has held onto including a tiny golden carriage and horses from the Queens Coronation in 1953 when every child was given this souvenir. The vast and intricate cosmic gold model should be acquired by the V&A and put pride of place into The Museum Of Childhood straight away!
I lived out a childhood dream a couple of years ago when Bishi took me to dinner at Zandra Rhodes spectrum painted penthouse and was seated next to Andrew. For anyone who hasn't seen the film shot for the occasion, head over to Gity Monsef's Glassloves site here (featuring Marios Schwab, Piers Atkinson, Nat Weller). I also had another magic moment at the most recent "Alternative Miss World" which I wrote up for Hintmag. A documentary feature film has been made about the legacy of Logan's institution "British Guide to Showing Off" which will be released next year and has a website for furthur details. Footage from last year's extravaganza is showing downstairs in the Flowers gallery accompanied by large prints of portraits from the night including Andrew's Bauhaus inspired creation by Zandra.

To read how Andrew became friends with Angela Flowers when they were both working at the ICA in 1968 read a great article from the Indepedant I found ............. here.

"Rejoice" is on till 31 Dec at 82 Kingsland Road

(Here is Lois and Elnaz ........... Andrew and Duggie Fields, caught with me looking charcateristically shy by Gity)