Saturday 1 November 2008

Saturday 1st November: Lost Values

Yesterday I went to the British Council for an interview in the penultimate selection stage for the UK Young Fashion Enrenpreneur Award. I had a really lovely chat to fellow applicant Elena Corchero whose company "Lost Values" combines smart textiles and traditional craft techniques. She studied MA Textile Futures at CSMartins and specialises in solar wearable technologies. Here is one example of a fan that charges up during use in the day and by night turns into an ambient light for the home. Solar cells, resisters and LED's are wired in circuits, directly into the textile via conductive threads. Genius! To see more tricks up her techno vs. tradition sleeve, visit the link below.......

Friday 31 October 2008

Friday 31st October: Black Mask Enterprise

On the theme of Haloween, today my post is about "Black Mask Enterprise" a.k.a Elisha Smith Leverock whose logo is a bat mask. I have previously covered her work with music videos / album artwork for music act Esser. Here is an exquisite picture from Berlin of the German singer Mariha (wearing my A/W sequin all-in-one glove top, styled by Kim Howells). Elisha has also worked with Golden Silvers, Santo Gold and her friends Robots In Disguise (affiliates of the Boosh for anyone that doesn't know...........). Go to Elisha's myspace to see more sun drenched stills and stunning showreels .........

Thursday 30 October 2008

Thurs 30th October: Beauty

Yesterday we held off errands to stay in the studio and turn up the volume dial for Bishi's guest appearance on the George Lamb show on BBC6. Its not every day you get to hear such genuine talent on the airwaves live and direct. In addition to treating us to renditions of "Three Ravens" and "Night Bus", Bishi also enlightened us on her education at Ravi Shanka which I have always wanted to know about. You can see pictures of Bishi playing her Sitar and listen to the show again on the BBC6 website. George asked Bishi if he could come to the next Kashpoint party. I think we should hold him to that because that will be priceless! I'm not quite sure the bow-tied desperado dandy is ready for the antics after midnight at Moonlighting......................
Here is a gorgeous portrait by Mads Perch with Bishi wearing an ornate paper plume headdress by Petra Stores as styled by Susie Lloyd.

Wednesday 29 October 2008

Weds 29th October: Dahlia Fantasia Part 2

Here are some snaps from Laura's phone of the set up at the press day ................

Weds 29th October: Dahlia Fantasia

The Web Master Spectacular that is Luke Tarpey has been fiendishly programming away to update our site to coincide with the launch of the new collection today. Thank you to the man that designed the fantastic website that started my It has stood the test of time and still looks gleaming with potential, 3 years on...........Thank you Luke! I can't wait for us to get creative again soon and have a new chapter..........

Luke has recently been designing some animations that I can't wait to see, so hopefully he will give me a look-in and I can share them............

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Tues 28th Oct: Excitement in the air

Today has been very exciting with an interrogation at the British Fashion Council, then onto Cube PR to set up my collection for its launch is a sneak peak.................

clip of photograph by

Monday 27 October 2008

Monday 27th October: Rainbow Day Part 3

Photographer's Mishkin have turned up trumps once again. When Susanna Lau (a.k.a Susie Bubble) asked me if I would like to discuss my style for Dazed Digital, I automatically asked if i could use the girls to capture the looks. I generally hate being infront of a camera so to do 10 outfit changes and photos demanded some rapport! That is not short with the Mishkin duo! If you want a dose of chuckle medicine in addition to fantastic photography, then get on to this pair:

Monday 27th October: Rainbow Day Part 2

I had to go to Selfridges today to drop something off and FLIPPED OUT! Where did these devine rainbow Prom Dresses come from? Who gave me a brain scan and fed the data into a pattern cutting dream machine? PETER JENSEN that's who. Peter, if you are listening, I NEED THESE!!!!!!!!!!! I have a suspicion you know that anyway!
(Anecdote time for anyone who is interested..............Q. Where were you on the 11/09/2001? A. I was interning for Peter Jensen. At the end of the placement, his studio mates Abake gave me a yellow T-Shirt to commemorate the daily laugh I had unwittingly given them with an in-house guessing game of what colour I would be. Thanks guys!)

On a day like today when I see something so pertinently supposed to be in my wardrobe, but sufficient funds non applicable, it takes me back to another occasion of remorse. I once found this Thierry Mugler jazzy number in a thrift shop in Chinatown NYC for $460. I had to try it on, take it off, bid farewell to an undiscovered friend and leave with the pain of suppressing tears welling. I just found this pic on the net at a current price of $15,000! OMG! Why, oh why, oh why...........

Monday 27th October: Rainbow Day Part 1

Annalisa Dunn of Cooperative Designs has been a knight in knitwear armour at the end of my panic stricken emails recently. I need advice and she has been obligingly supportive and reassuring. So nice to have a little fashion family in close quarters. On top of the pearls of wisdom, I got a bonus snapshot of her newly organised yarn store! Hello!

Sunday 26 October 2008

Sunday 26th October: It Must Be Love

I'm back home for some R&R and the last time I was home, was for my parents Ruby Wedding. That's 40 years for anyone who doesn't know their jewels. They had a party and got out all the photos / contact sheets which I wanted to scan but still with no device to hand, I have just photoboothed them in for now. So cute. So 60's! Especially my aunts! They look like the East End's equivalent to The Supremes!