Thursday 5 February 2015

Thursday 5th Feb: London Marathon Training & Fundraising for The Music Circle

The other thing that's consuming all my time this year is training and fundraising for my London Marathon place in aid of The Music Circle's work with women in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.   Here is snap of a training day at Oxfam HQ in Oxford where I met the other runners and found this beautiful book "We Are Congo" by Oxfam ambassador Rankin.  I've started a Tumblr page to research and share the colour, music & culture of The DRC called  #RunningRainbowWorld .  Here's the latest subject "Minganji Masqueraders" with previous posts including the "Sapeur" style which has recently inspired the Commes Des Garcon menswear show in Paris.

See the Tumblr here.
And most importantly please help me to raise my fundraising by donating here.  Its much quicker and easier to do than my daily training!!!!!!!!

Im ALSO putting together a training group on inspiring ladies together with NIKE for both Paris Half Marathon and London Marathon ............... updates on that to follow...........


Ive been a bit quiet on her so far this year because 2015 has brought about writing a book.   I haven't had much time or mental energy to keep writing after a whole day at it!  I'm also moonlighting in other places, sharing my energy in different realms such as my fitness / fashion blog for HUNGER magazine.  Follow the link to read the latest post about Paddle Boarding in the Olympic Pool here.

(Thanks to Stephanie Sian Smith for snapping me and to the Food and Lycra girls for this selfie)