Saturday 6 September 2008

Sat 6th Sept: NYC fashion week

If you are there, this evening is threeasfour's runway show, 135 W. 18th St. (6th & 7th Aves.), 7 p.m.

Friday 5 September 2008

Friday 5th Sept: Design Cities

We headed along the river, through the newly planted highrisers and fountains, for the opening of "Design Cities" at The Design Museum. It is a neat history of contemporary design from cities at their most creative hey day: London (1851), Vienna (1908), Dessau (1928), Paris (1936), Los Angeles (1949), Milan (1957), Tokyo (1987) and London (2008).
It starts with London and William Morris and ends full circle back to current London with Peter Saville and Paul Smith. It felt quite nice to be appreciating the possibility of international focus back on London, standing in this special space on South Bank. Although the design crowd wear far too much black for my liking!

Along the way are some classic pieces of furniture, industrial design, print and textiles. I wanted more from the Dessau Bahaus section but thats just because it is my favourite era and I can't get enough!

Thursday 4 September 2008

Thurs 4th Sept: Bye Bye Bugaboo

Last eve I dragged my sleep-deprived self into town for the UK launch of the Quinny collaboration collection with Henrik Vibskov. I have been a big fan of the Danish prolific talent since I saw his insane boob sculpture garden at last year's Arnhem Biennial.
To display the range of prams and kiddy paraphernalia he had filled The Vinyl Factory venue with large wooden star jack shapes stacked up together.
The line was inspired by a fairytale devised by Vibskov. The story starts with outcast colourful misfit characters that live in a wood and play music in a band. Over time the songs gain notoriety and they become accepted by the outside world and end up as a world famous collective! This story resulted in 3 psychedelic prints called "Mad, Rainbow, Raindrop".
HELLO! I like the sound of this! Not to mention the penguin baby-grow!
I was overjoyed to find this poncho in my goody bag which I have shot on one of Andy Hillman's props in keeping with the woodland fairytale theme.

Wednesday 3 September 2008

Thurs 4th Sept: Louise Amstrup

Today's film on SHOWstudio is from London based Danish designer Louise Amstrup who's notoriety has come from her dexterity in draping, cut to flatter and complement the female form. She is also known for her impeccable attention to detail (including her own prints) and emphasis on fine finish. This is carried through into the slick film which was shot by Mads Perch and Set Design by Alex Cunningham.
I scanned this image from a recent Obserber article where Louise goes through her favourite outfit which includes her own coat to show to full effect the perfect combination of beauty and wearability in her design.

Weds 3rd Sept: 3 a.m Rainbow Gymnastics

WEds 3rd Sept: Going Merino down at Uniqlo

Overnight we helped Set Designer/Illustrator Andy MacGregor and Rich Stevens of Odd Design with their installation at the Uniqlo flagship store on Oxford Street. The new Uniqlo line is Merino wool and the idea was to extend threads incorporated in the vinyl font on the windows through the shop fixtures, across the ceiling to the back of the store. It was great fun weaving in and out of each other with rainbow colour gaffa tape up 8ft ladders. What a great night's work! Aided by Maki's homecooked butterfly cookies and mobile phone radio cranked top notch to provide midnight melodies. We finished in time before the dawn chorus to stand outside and look in at our web of joy and give Andy and Rich a well deserved high 5 for another successful graphic mission.

Photography c/o Alex Cunningham

Weds 3rd Sept: Tommy Ricketts

One of Amy Gwatkin's superb portraits from the shoot last week styled by Alex Cunningham of Storm "New Face" Tommy Ricketts. The shoot comprised of some motion shots and clever double exposure, painterly images but I particulary love this symmetrical, graphic image.

Tuesday 2 September 2008

Tues 2nd Sept: 30 under 30

Here is Alistair Carr (head of women's design at Chloe) who nominated me for the Grazia compilation list of the industry's next generation. Its out today and features me in the title of Art Director or in their words "Scene Stealer". Hopefully this will help explain what I do to my Nan who is never quite sure! There are 29 other names to check out so go to page 63 to see who else has been nominated and who by.................

Tues 2nd Sept: Scirocco Studios

I picked up a little booklet in a cafe the other morning on the strength of the lovely portraits inside. I read the credit which was Neil Bridge and here is one of his photos of music video director Kinga Burza. (I got very envious of her book collection but on closer inspection I suspect it might be the library at Partizan because the books have catalogue stickers on the spine!).
As I looked at each portrait I began reading who the subject was and discovered the purpose of the cute little brochure. It is to advertise an exhibition which starts today just of Carnaby Street. "Traffic" who are the founders behind Insection magazine have curated a showcase of the VW Scirocco but inviting 5 designers to create a one-off piece inspired by the car. BORING! That's what I thought!? But no, it actually looks interesting because of the choice of exhibitors:

Industrial designer Phillipe Malouin has previously worked with Tom Dixon, Droog and Hermes.
Product designer Ben Wilson has collaborated with Adidas, Levis, Nike, Stussy and Swarovski.
Light Engineer Moritz Waldemeyer is the brain behind Hussein Chalayan's light collections.
Graphic Designers Hudson-Powell designed the recent London Fashion Week Industry newsletter.
Kinga Burza is the talent behind videos for Kate Nash, Tilly and the Wall, Calvin Harris and the MTV nominated" I kissed a girl"

The exhibition is on from today until Saturday at 5-6 Lowndes Court, London 10 a.m - 5 p.m

Sunday 31 August 2008

Monday 1st September: Window Shopping

Shoplifter (Hrafnhildur Arnardottir) has just relaunched and updated her website which includes her most recent project at the MoMA, NYC.

I last saw her in May when she was showing at The Deitch Gallery, Long Island as part of the AVAF (Assume Vivid Astro Focus) show (middle pic). Her signature hair sculpture took on a more acid colour direction to integrate with the Neon lighting work's by Eli Sudbrack. The MoMA attended the private view and asked Eli to do in installation in the window of the restaurant "The Modern".’ Here is a detail shot of the this new work between the artists “aimez vous avec ferveur” which I have lifted from an interview with Shoppy on It is the most incredible rainbow to have graced my blog for some time! I wish I could see the real thing!

Here is a picture I took of Shoppy (and Michael Portnoy) some years ago when we were part of a show at the Palais De Tokyo, Paris.

Sunday 31st August: Happy Birthday

Alex Cunningham has her annual birthday celebration in Regents Park and decorates a tree canopy to contain the customary picnic fun and games. The £1 pound shop always comes up trumps for props. Last year's theme was rainbow umbrellas and this year was pastel ones. These were accompanied by giant plastic pom poms which she whipped up the night before from £1 rolls of scented bin liners so they were doubly sweet!
They were so beautiful, I'm really chuffed to be the owner of a multicoloured candy colour puff of joy, which I have adorned my tailors dummy at home.

Sat 30th August: Backstage at the Brits

K A B I R has just sent me this clip from when we were in the dressing room backstage at the Brit Awards after party. I have forgotten about it since I blogged this back in Feb when it happened, so its so funny to revisit the hilarity of the event on film.
I couldn't understand why K A B I R had cast me (dancing on stage) to appear alongside the other "BoomBox" scene faces. His explanation was down to my notable "hand dancing". I could not think what he meant until Maki took this pic of us at the most recent Matthew Stone party which has since shed some light on the situation!................