Saturday 8 December 2007

Friday 7th December: Here's one I made earlier

We have 4 days to make 30 accessories for a last minute commission.................with a trip to £ Land, the race is on and the floor is getting covered in offcuts and scraps...........

Friday 7 December 2007

Thursday 6th Dec: A.R.E Weapons

My friends Matt and Brain are currently over from NYC for a few gigs. I caught them at Madame JoJo's last night at Electrogogo. This is a flyer from a night when I first met them in 2001 when i was interning in New York .............
They are playing again on Saturday at RichMix, check their website for details

Thursday 6 December 2007

Wednesday 5th Dec: Black Balloon

Here is a recent acquaintance of mine called Bethan. I love her makeup and it fits quite well with the cheeky little character in Scotts
embroidery from the last post. She has just started an M.A at the Royal
College in product design but also runs her own successfuljewellery line. She makes necklaces from a design of tessellating pieces of wood so that there is no waste in the manufacture.................

Tuesday 4 December 2007

Tues 4th Dec: Scott Ramsay Kyle loan

This is the work of the embroiderer extraordinaire Scott Ramsay Kyle. For fashion week in September he lent me a dream dress with rainbow metallic fringing which was the most cosmic thing I have ever worn. Unfortunately for me these pieces are out on shoots at the moment so i couldn't borrow another one for the Burberry party. But he did lend me this incredible piece of art! I dread to think how many hours of thumb gruelling stitching went into this. I Love it so much!

Monday 3rd December: Burberry Fragrance Launch

The exterior of Koko was decorated with Burberry umbrellas and the interior was walled with a mirror panelled tunnel. 3 gigantic screens covered the main auditorium with a looped projection of Agyness Deyn dancing. A chandelier of perfume bottles sparkled above our heads as a reminder of the reason behind this elaborate event. Boombox kids instigated an impromptu vogue dance-off which gave a refreshing spectacle to the otherwise corporate atmosphere of the very British Burberry tone. London is definitely kicking again.............literally.

Monday 3 December 2007

Monday 3rd December: Dai Rees

Whilst outside LCF I bumped into Dai Rees who I interned for in 2001 and haven't seen for years. He has been a real inspiration to me in his creativity from found materials and also for being just a generally gorgeous sole. Here is an example of his millinery from the collection that I worked on in which he used goose plumes...............he first experimented with these feathers from collecting them whilst walking his German shepherd on Finsbury Park................he stripped them down to the spine to make the glittery spiky head cages for the early MQueen show pieces.................

Monday 3rd December Chris Moore: A Catwalk Retrospective

Holly and I had some books to return to LCF library so stalled by the retrospective exhibition of Chris Moore. A well edited selection of images from early black & white shots of house models holding number cards to current couture shows with the elaborate fantasy world sets. A fantastic memory jolt of collections that you might have forgotten about and insight to the original artist of the press pit.

Sunday 2nd Dec BoomBox

Here we are.........the green team......... Neel and his boyfriend John at one of the last ever nights of much fun and a complete coincidence that I was in green to match my friends who travelled from Brighton ..............and carried their costumes (dustbin lid et all) around Madame Tussards before getting ready to come to the club...............