Thursday 26 August 2010

Mon 30th Aug: SHOWstudio "The Fashion Body" by Elisha Smith Leverock

Fred Butler - Nape Of The Neck for from Elisha Smith-Leverock on Vimeo.

Today is the unvieling of "The Fashion Body" film that I made with Elisha Smith Leverock & Kim Howells for SHOWstudio............... see here.
To explain more in detail, here is the original post I wrote about the project last year (with an edited version of images - to see more, click here)

"I was over the moon when SHOWstudio commissioned me to make a film for their "Fashion Body" installation at the Fashion Revolution exhibition at Somerset House. Aprox 36 artists were asked to make a film based on an assigned section of the body to be put together for the resulting artwork. I had heard that NOKI had been given the knee (Peter Jensen the other knee) and I wondered who else had been designated .............rumours were rife with this highly secret opperation. Through strange and magic hapestance I was asked to focus on the "nape of the neck".........HELLO! That is coincidentally my one fetish! I love a defined arched hair line which makes a heart shape in the negative space on the neck. That's always the deal breaker for me on finding someone me a weirdo, but if there aint a heart, its a no-go! SO it was heaven to have this part of the anatomy to concentrate on for the film. As I am a frustrated makeup artist, I decided to highlight this heart by making makeup from the sequins I devised for my Heliocentric Electric collection. With my fave crew on board (Elisha and Kim) we worked out how to film through a lens to get a spectrum flair and make the whole thing rainbowtastic. Here is an initial test shot where Elisha tried shooting through different objects. On the day she turned up with a cut glass ashtray from a £1 Shop en route to the studio and that did the job perfectly - Genius!!!!!! Yin Lee had fun turning my muses Callum and Jessica into glittering Greek Gods and the outcome is a rather steamy affair..........although I hadn't intended it to be!"

Director - Elisha Smith- Leverock, DOP - Marcus Domleo, Stylist - Kim Howells, Hair - Cyndia Harvey using Bumble and Bumble , Makeup - Yin Lee at Premier, Models - Callum Turner at Models 1 and Jessica at Union, Camera assistant - Sam Widdows

Sun 29th Aug: Moments & Mementos - Harriet Vine, Tatty Devine

"The first is a picture of a few of my giant things. I love scale, or more precisely things out of scale. This giant biscuit is from a flea market in Paris which I diligently dragged back on the Eurostar without breaking its lovely shiny ceramic-ness. The biscuit measures about 40cm across and sits on my table and I love it everyday. I also have far too many giant clothes pegs. I think they are really meant to be paper weights, but I wear them as brooches. Also in the picture is a massive spanner which lives in my kitchen. I also have a large lump of dairy milk chocolate for a coffee table and a fruit bowl that is a massive plastic mussel shell.

The second is a burger necklace that my friend Paul made me, it hangs behind me in my studio and it combines my favourite things - chips, knitting, and necklaces. I also love these finger hooks and would have them everywhere if I could.

The last picture is of life size dolls of Rosie and I that our dear friend Rachel Matthews made of us. They used to watch over our Soho shop, then when we opened Covent Garden they came to live in the studio with us. They were made in such an exciting time when we were all starting out and they sit up on top of a shelf, shining out all those memories. These would be my desert island disc that I would save if the waves washed all these other things away."

Harriet Vine,
Tatty Devine

Sat 28th August: Moments & Mementos - Christos Tolera

"My pallette has accompanied me through the seemingly endless personal struggles that come with painting and is in itself a historical document as well as a record of its own making. It has been with me for over twenty years. It is lovely to hold, perfectly balanced and fits like a perfectly proportioned lover.
Kamera, 'A monthly magazine, portraying the beauty of the feminine figure,' is something i look at when i'm not painting.

Christos Tolera

To see a commentry from the man himself, here is a clip of Christos at the Goodwood Vintage Festival last weekend, shot by Tom Stubbs

80's style icon Christos Tolera explains his look and romantic vintage attitude from Tom Stubbs on Vimeo.

Fri 27th Aug: Moments & Momentos - Keko Hainswheeler

"Pelham clown puppet : Mareese found him in a charity shop in the good old uni days and I fell in love with him. He is the reason i died my hair orange.
Encrusted hat : This is very precious to me as it is from the first press I ever received for Vogue Homme Japan and always make me smile.
Tony ceramic tiger: ' pronounced Italian accent' this always makes me laugh as its is obviously a panther painted the wrong colour - hahaha
Collar : Something I'm always wearing recently when my hair is mess - which is alot "

Keko Hainswheeler

(Top portrait from Keko by Tim Walker from W Magazine - "The East Enders")

Fri 27th Aug: Happy Birthday Alex Cunningham

I know you'll hate me for doing this but..........
One of the best things thats happened to me............LOVE YOU XXXX

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Thurs 26th Aug: Papping Puppies

Our studio neighbours Gemma Slack and Hermione de Paula have both just got puppies.
Im away on holiday this week so unable to stop the girls facilitating Craig to do the same. If anyone catches wind of puppy purchasing activities going on in the Dalston area please step in. As much as I love a little silly soft nosed doggy, I DO NOT WANT ONE in my own studio just yet! NO NO NO. Craig, you have been warned!

Thurs 26th Aug: Moments & Mementos - Noel Stewart

"This is a souvenir from my last catwalk show "Something to do with Spring" which was held in the Chanticleer Theatre. The theatre was due to be demolished the next day so we transformed it with the colours from the collection and made it into the perfect setting for the hats. The hair and makeup teams were in heaven as we had a full backstage set up waiting for them (unusual luxury for an off schedule show, the previous season we had a closet and a staircase) . For a couple of days we had this magic space to ourselves and when it came to the show we felt like we were having it in our new home. Because the place was abandoned there were old props all over the place and I took a shine to this bacon. I love bacon and its so beautifully and simply made. It makes me think of how fun the show was and It cheers me up everytime i see it ."

Noel Stewart

Weds 25th August: The Fashion Body by Jason Evans

Last September the SHOWstudio exhibition at Somerset House which coincided with London Fashion Week, was a retrospective of the site's archive of projects. To mark the occasion the commissioners devised a uniquely new concept as the crescendo to the show. At the very end of the exhibit was a wall of miniature video screens spread out to make up a moving image of a body. Each portion of the anatomy was represented by a clip made by a different artist given a specific section of the body - The Fashion Body. When all the movies moved at once, the entire body was made up of very different perspectives and interpretations of the theme. A few of the limbs'n'tings were missing as it was an ongoing project with submissions still rolling in. Now, a year later the complete carcass has been compiled into an online version of the installation. Each day over at SHOWstudio, a new film is being uploaded and today is the turn of Jason Evans who used his own body as the subject of his clip.

"here's a couple of snaps from the day, Nigel Palmer in action (he does pretty much all my tatts these days) and just after it was finished"

I noticed this awesome tattoo in Jason's portrait by Nick Knight for the 30th Anniversary issue of i-D and now found out the story behind the spots................. to see how the story unfolds for yourself, head over to SHOWstudio for the film

Thanks to Jason for these behind-the-scenes snaps. Check out his dailyniceness at TheDailyNice

Weds 25th August: Moments & Momentos - Natascha Stolle

"My step dad Jody made this ring for me for my 15th birthday. He grew up in an orphanage in North Carolina where they learned how to make rings out of old silver coins. You can use any coin (Jody used a silver dollar from the year of my birth), but it must be pure enough to be easily malliable and these are normally older coins as newer ones are made from harder alloys. You tap all around the edge of the coin with a spoon (he used a small jewelry hammer for mine) until the edges soften and bend over the sides. When all the writing on the edge of the coin is shifted to the edge hanging over, then drill out the center of the coin to make the hole for your finger. File and polish the rough edges and the ring is ready to wear. I wear mine often and never travel without it; it's my good luck ring and my favorite accessory because it reminds me of home and where I come from."

Natascha Stolle

Tues 24th Aug: Moments and Mementos - Josephine Chime

"I've attached a pic of me and my favourite thing which is currently my life actuall life-- Ink pens and dipping ink, it has to be Bombay ink though unless there's another unltra special one."

Josephine Chime

Tues 24th Aug: Moments and Mementos

I'm starting a new feature called "Moments and Mementos".
I will be contacting a few of my favourite people to ask them to take a quick fun snap of their favourite keepsake/ornament/accessory & write a quick anecdote about why they are fond of it?
To kick things off here are a few of mine - I will post the real answer at the very end to conclude the season. But for now, here are some of my bits'n'bobs that cheer me up including a beautiful pink Obe generously given to me by threeASFOUR which they got on a trip to Tokyo (I LOVE wearing this just as much as looking at it hanging decorating my wardrobe), a very special rainbow necklace given to me by Judy Blame and another rainbow necklace made for me by Morgan Lloyd who patiently waited at a 20cent toy machine in Harlem until he had collected all the right colours of a certain dice to drill into beads .......... whilst unwittingly collecting a group of excited children around him, taking all the balls he discarded with doubles of colours. Here is also my new Peter Jensen Watermelon bag which Disney Roller Girl very kindly located for me - I like the way the tear drop shape seeds are echoed in the obe.
Enough of me.............over to the contributors........

Tues 24th Aug: The Comet Song

Björk's 'The Comet Song' from the soundtrack 'The Moomins And The Comet Chase' film will be available to buy later today through i-tunes. It is a special release with all funds generated by the track being donated to UNICEF Pakistan children's charities. Not only is the combination of the mesmerising Moomins and enchanting chanteuse of Björk a magical alliance, but the outcome is going to work further magic!

For more information on how to watch the video and buy the single to boost the charities funds, check out the Moomins on Facebook here or Björk's own homepage here.

(I have very illegally ripped this image from the ether for which I can only apologise to the source but a) It is for a good cause b) I am excited because she chose to wear my rainbow accessories to the launch of the film which is marvellous as I make these things to be enjoyed and transmit positive energy when worn - so my subconscious spiritual scheme has been successful)

Monday 23 August 2010

Mon 23rd August: Britta Burger

Britta Burger
just sent me these beautiful images that she both shot and styled featuring an archive hat of my own from the same Heliocentric Electric collection mentioned the other day. Its always a really nice surprise to find photographs of my work that Ive never seen before!
Images from Esper Magazine.

Sunday 22 August 2010

Sun 22nd Aug: Archive Piers Atkinson - The Story Behind The Hat

Since writing about some archive David Koma dresses last month, I thought it would be a nice regular feature to delve into the background of iconic pieces. To finish off my weekend of posts focusing on Dan Wilton's photography here are some recent shots of a Piers Atkinson archive soft-toy hat from his S/S 09 "All The World's A Stage". HOT!
I got in touch with Piers to find out a few snippets of sentimental sound bites from one of London's tip top hat designers........

Q: What was your favourite toy when you were a child?

A: I had a Snoopy which I loved and dragged around everywhere!

Q. What was the weirdest / most fun hat you wore when you were growing up?
(I used to put a pair of knickers on my head!)

A: Well my mum made hats for the English National Opera so we were always standing modelling them while Mum pinned bits on! She once made a hat for an alien in Dr Who which I thought was the most exciting thing EVER!!!

Q. If you were to hold a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, which 3 guests would you like to invite? (dead or alive)

A: My Grandma, as I'd love her to see what I am doing now. I miss her! Schiaparelli as she is so inspirational and she might commission me to do her AW11 show if she came back. Queen Elizabeth the First as it would be extraordinary to meet someone with absolute power and absolute belief in that power being due to her. What a state of being. It doesn't exist in the West today. We can't imagine it.

Q: What was your favourite hat in the Stephen Jones' anthology at the V&A and why?

A: Noel Stewart did a vast black plastic rose which was unbelievably beautiful, classic AND modern. Apart form that I just LOVE all of Stephen's hats!

Q. What can we get excited about seeing from you this season for S/S 10?

A: 24 carat gold, Paradise Found and florals!

Check out Dan's shoot here and another of Piers' archive pieces in motion on Paloma Faith from last week's brilliant episode of Shooting Stars here.