Friday 21 February 2014

Friday 21st Feb: NTS Present Palindrome Curated by Trevor Jackson

For the first night of NTSLive's residency of the ICA, the radio station hosted an event of live music as a multi-dimensional experience in collaboration with Trevor Jackson.  Here are shots of the mirrored cube built as a cosmic mini rave cave and guest CassettePlaya with SuzyP who worked on the production.  Whilst the music was being streamed live from this space downstairs, visitors could also tour the galleries upstairs with the current Richard Hamilton show "Palindrome" which inspired Trevor Jackson's interpretation "Parallel Visions" (first shots here).

Thursday 20th Feb: LFW AW14 - People & Streetstyle

(Diane Pernet at LFW at her talk with Jefferson Hack for OtherMode, Susie Bubble at the International Fashion  Showcase, Calum Knight at Simone Rocha's show in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern, Hannah Le Grunden wearing Piers Atkinson hat, Yasu from MACHINE A wearing Keith Haring / Joy Rich jacket, Me & HatAboutTown at Keely Hunter's Headonism showcase, Rosy Nicholas at the Hoi Polloi closing midnight dinner)

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Tuesday 18th Feb: LFW AW14 ASHISH - Guest Post by Amy Lee

 Lily Allen 'grammin

LED Platforms by Buffalo

Final looks - styled by Anna Trevelyan

Last night saw Ashish Gupta's latest collection hit the Tate's Turbine Hall in what would be more appropriately described as, not a catwalk, but the most G L A M O R O U S  walk of shame you've ever seen. Ashish's ultimate party Princesses came complete with Disco LED Buffalo's - fit for a long night dancing, and the kind of rosy cheeks and BIFPIB hairstyles to suggest a few Princes had gotten lucky at this bejewelled bash… 

Words and pictures by Amy Lee

Sunday 16 February 2014

Sunday 16th Feb: LFW AW/14 Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster's presentation "Happily Ever After Is So Once Upon A Time" was the perfect way to start the sunny morning and set the tone for the day with its uplifting, comical, fairytale vibe.  The immersive installation was epic and attention to detail impeccable - check out the cleaning products with Sophia's own imaginary branding.  This set design by David White and styling by Louby McLoughlin was seamlessly conceived and executed - using the location's spiral staircase to mount a model with a Rapunzel long weave.  I'm so relieved to see a young brand have fun with fashion yet ultimately be taken seriously with the result of an escalating successful global following.  That's living the dream, and its clear that its come from dedicated hard graft,  brave ideas and a strong sense of her own ballsy feminine style.    

Sunday 16th Feb: LFW Nasir Mazhar (Backstage)




Congratulations Nasir Mazhar on his debut womenswear runway show in the main tent of Somerset House at London Fashion Week.  As always the whole thing was highly covetable and left you desperate to acquire at least one piece for your wardrobe................... or if dreams could allow, the complete look, so that you can double up a hoody over a matching cap!!!!