Friday 4 January 2013

Friday 4th Jan 2013: 2012 Review - Colin Henderson

"I think there were two things that particularly stood out for me, the first was seeing 
Gwilym Gold 's album finally released in Bronze and secondly finishing the MA - both have been the results of on-going work from the past 2-3 years, so as much as it's been great to enjoy the process, research and exploration side of that over a sustained period, it's felt like 2012 was a good year to finish things.
Also, it always feels good to visit new places and I was able to visit the incredibly beautiful Luberon region in the summer where I stopped by the Marquis de Sade's chateau in Lacoste, as you do." 

Colin Henderson - see Colin's video work for Gwilym's "Habit Of A Lifetime"  here.

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Wednesday 2nd January 2013: 2012 Review = Princess Julia

"2012 threw up a few personal conundrums but as I always say, 'it's all a learning curve', I'm glad to report I'm still learning and looking at things with fresh eyes so to speak. I think it's a constant that keeps me inspired and continually invigorated.

You know it's sometimes the unexpected moments that take on a life of their own, last year I found myself exhibiting in two group shows with the Simon Oldfield Gallery. Simon remembered my endeavours with the paintbrush and asked me to be in his summer show 'The Courtship Of The Peoples', I was very flattered to say the least. My current explorations being in watercolour, I actually did a foundation course at the age of 38 and flirted with the idea of continuing with a degree, alas funds and time got in the way but I've never stopped painting when I can. At the end of 2012 and the current group show 'Seduction' Simon once again asked me for another painting when he acquired a new space at 6 Carlos Place in Mayfair. For this one I took a look at the high romantic drama of Gainsborough (I love an old master) and took a direct reference to the 'Lady in Blue' incorporating a sorrowful self portrait into the equation. 

Meanwhile on the fashion front the wonderful designer James Long unexpectedly came up with the idea of me painting a print for his collection. I was thrilled once again... he turned my work into a shirt! 

On other moments I became Editor at Large at GQ Style. Full of enthusiasm it's a role which stretches my writing and organisational interests... and surprisingly enough I even got a portrait of Morrissey I painted included in the 2012 Autumn/Winter edition.  

My mantra? To keep setting small personal challenges, exploring, learning and doing the best I can at whatever I attempt whilst encouraging those around me to do the same."

See Princess Julia's work at the Simon Oldfield Gallery, buy her James Long collaboration t-shirt at Studio Voltaire and follow her news into the new year via her own blog and Twitter

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Tuesday 1st January 2013: 2012 Review = Yunus & Eliza

"Being involved in the casting of the Queen's Jubilee boat figurehead was the cherry on top of an amazing year. It was essentially a huge piece of theatrical bling but there is a real sense of legacy in a project like that, and we used a lot of the same molding techniques as we use for our jewellery. We're starting 2013 in our new studio and are hyped about that and where we are going creatively."

Eliza of Yunus and Eliza Jewllery on their highlight of 2012 ................ keep track of their news coming up via Twitter and Facebook ......... and see collections on their site.

Tuesday 1st January 2013: 2012 Review = Saga Sig Part 2

"One of the most beautiful moments of this year was the moment I finished shooting for Nike Women in Iceland, it was a long day and super cold.
In the summer the sun hardly sets, it  just stays by the horizon. At then end of the shoot the sky was flooding with colours of yellow and pinks, it was so peaceful and the only noise was from the icebergs cracking and breaking."

Monday 31 December 2012

Monday 31st Dec: 2012 Review: Saga Sig - Part 1

"My stand out moment of 2012 would be the trip to Iceland in end of July beginning of August of this year.

For three weeks me, my boyfriend and family drove around the country.
I grew up in the countryside of Iceland, so I miss the Icelandic nature, the cold fresh air, the feeling that you are alone in the world,  the magical light and the people I love.

I remember two moments from this trip that were magical. My favourite time of the day is when the sun sets. The colours inspired me to start taking photos when I was little, somehow the worlds changes and becomes more magical and beautiful, the moments before the darkness.

The sunset when we drove through the heart of Iceland was so beautiful. On highland road / area Kjolur the sun was setting, the colours were magical, I was in awe."

Saga Sig, Photographer

See more of Saga's trips and photography on her site, Tumblr, and keep up to date with her news via Twitter  Facebook and beautiful blog.

Monday 31st Dec: 2012 Review - Roses Gabor

"My first festival ON MY OWN (eeeeek;-) .... Global Gathering ... was really nervous and my dad was going in for heart surgery that day ... I did alright .. he did alright ... errythang was alright! #SOGRATEFUL ;-) Looking forward to loads more for 2013!!"

Roses Gabor's highlight of 2012

Follow Roses into 2013 via her Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud ,  site ........ revisit the video her debut solo single "Stars" mixed by Redlight........ and buy it on Ninja Tune.

Sunday 30 December 2012

Sunday 30 Dec: 2012 Review - Amber Jane, Theatre Of Fashion & Broken Hearts

"2012 has been pretty epic. From a DJ perspective we played a series of gigs for the Louis Vuitton/Yayoi Kusama collaboration, and we were also nominated for a Sony award for our Jazz FM show. From a fashion historian perspective I contributed to programmes for BBC Breakfast, BBC 2 and Radio 4, and I've given talks and lectures at the V&A, Wellcome Collection, British Museum and University of the Arts. But nothing beats meeting one of my heroes: Barbara Hulanicki from 60s/70s brand Biba. You can see from my face how awestruck I was!"

25th Dec: 2012 Review - Kerry Shaw, Gilded Birds

"For me the highlight of 2012 was seeing my friend, Thomas Ad├Ęs, conduct his opera, the Tempest - at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Contemporary opera can be hard to listen to - but even though the Tempest is incredibly complex musically, it's mesmerising and completely magical from start to finish. I wish I could have been to every performance. Here's my picture of the curtain call. The rapturous reception from the Met audience was really moving. If I look back through my iPhone at my pictures of the year, this one sums up Beauty for me."
Kerry Shaw, Gilded Birds

(I asked Kerry for an image of the most beautiful thing she saw or beautiful thing that happened to her in 2012 in specific relation to the subject matter of her "Gilded Birds" project where she investigates "a snapshot of contemporary ideals of beauty".  Keep up to date with the content of contributors via her Twitter)

Sunday 30th Dec: 2012 Review - Rachel Khoo

"My 2012 was bit of a rollercoaster ride with my debut BBC TV show and cookbook coming out to say the least (I ended up in some places I never thought I'ld ever be) but in between all that I did manage to get some downtime. Taking part in the traditional Swedish crayfish party was extremely fun! Exploring the Swedish forestpicking berriesfishing for crayfish and then celebrating all the amazing finds with friends has to have been one of my highlights from 2012."

Rachel Khoo
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Sunday 30th Dec: 2012 Review - Me

To kick start (pun intended) the end of year review - here is my favourite moment of 2012 - training with Boiler Room Football Club.  Come rain or shine, it was the highlight of my week to switch off from everything for 90 mins, exorcising stress whilst literally exercising.  Ive never followed a football team, been to a match or enjoyed watching the World Cup..........Ive never even played before.  BUT now I've caught the bug and become a fully signed up member to the cause, with a skill to share with my nephews and niece.  As it goes (with no surprise) I'm pretty terrible, but its the taking part that counts.  That's the ethos of the BoilerRoom family and why they set up the women's division at the end of Spring.  
From starting my year on a NIKE trip to NYC in January and meeting Thristian (master of ceremonies at BoilerRoom) to rounding it off at their WHotel residency with TEED & Disclosure - and all the gigs inbetween like Micachu, Kwes, Horse Meat Disco, LCD Soundsystem and Carnival.......... its been a corker 365 days and I feel incredibly lucky to have had introduction to both dancing in sweaty small venues and getting sweaty on the pitch, getting to know a new network of lush London ladies and gents.
Big up everyone at BoilerRoomFC!  
(If you have little or no interest in sport, don't dismiss this irrelevant rant and take it as inspiration to discover your own team game this year as I can't recommend it high enough!)  

Read my report on the summer specatcle Fives tournament here.