Saturday 14 August 2010

Sat 14th Aug: A Touch Of Hulme

Whistle Necklace by Sophie Hulme............. hitting the shops any day soon .......just in time for Carnival!!!!

Sat 14th Aug: RDOfficial

Alrite Stillll by RDOfficial

Ruff Diamondz at Yo Yo's on Thurs night............ if ya don't kno, get to kno later

Friday 13 August 2010

Friday 13th Aug: London Belongs To Me

One of the questions in the little interview in the 30th anniversary edition of i-D asks when you were first in the answer was 2004 in a straight-up shot by Steve Smith in a shoot entitled "London Belongs To Me"............ here is the original Polaroid...........from the days before digital!

Friday 13th Aug: Gary Card HQ

Since Gary Card has moved into the block I have been pestering him like a pap to take pictures to write up a post to document the residency. Over the last couple of months, different gizmos and gadgets have been creeping in and taking over the walls as the turnover of jobs has spilt from shoots into his studio. I am like a rat up a drainpipe as soon as I hear of a new studio to visit and document to see different artists creative spaces and habitats. Gary's was a particularly exciting prospect as he was bound to have an accumulation of hand crafted characters and monsters amongst his tools and prop making paraphernalia. Although he is still not quite fully installed, there is a wealth of illustrations and artefacts for any visitor to feast their eyes on and find out anecdotes from the background momentos. I'm very lucky to be able to drop in on the set designer dandy for a catch up over a cuppa, but its not all kept behind closed doors as Gary has his own blog (for those of you that might not already be aware). So head over to for all the background info on his brainstorms.

(Since my post yesterday I have had a chance to sift through the pages of the 30th anniversary issue of i-D and decipher that it is ordered in alphabetical order! So my comment regarding the coincidence of Gary and Gemma Slack being next to my own portrait is totally void - DOH! I am not the sharpest tool in the box........... For a more reliable source, check i-D and SHOWstudio)

Thursday 12 August 2010

Weds 12th Aug: i-D Portrait by Nick Knight

Here it is!
I'm sure everyone will be posting their own portrait but here is mine which I'm so chuffed with. This is one of my childhood dreams ticked off the life wishlist! WOW!
Rowdy and I had so much fun with Nick and so the experience was just as magic as seeing the final image (I'm aware this sounds sycophantic, but its the truth).
Its bloody exciting to see everyone else's shots in there too! Weirdly mine is next to Gary Card and Gemma Slack who I share studio blocks with - I wonder if the picture editor knew?! So proud to see Michael Van Der Ham and Hannah Marshall with a whole page to themselves and my extended family including Craig Lawrence, Patrick Wolf and Bishi looking beautiful in a Rosy Nicholas necklace.
Its such a massive issue with tonnes of great imagery - cant wait to get a chance to sit down and read the whole thing - especially the shoot "Man Enough To Be A Woman" which looks the best! Well Done SHOWstudio and i-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me: Gold onsie by WeAreAllInOne, Cosmic bolero with print by Brie Harrison from my Hibiscus Ridiculous S/S10 collection, Makeup by Thomas De Kluyver
ROWDY: Fred Butler helmet and knee pads, Wonderland leggings, Jaiden RV James gloves and jacket, Makeup by Thom Ticklemouse

Weds 12th Aug: Westwood Wednesday

Here are the Westwood original shoes (as worn by the lady herself) which were in the Designer's Bootsale last month. I couldn't post the picture at the time because my friend wanted to buy them so didn't want them getting snapped up by anyone else first. She did indeed go back and invest in them............... and has been wearing them!

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Weds 11th Aug: The story behind a dress

I fell in LOVE with David Koma's work when I saw his S/S show last year. As the spectrum glass accessories emerged down the runway I was levitating from my seat to witness the heavenly apparition. I dashed backstage to see the graphic mosaic appliqued mini dresses and super slinky separates. Every single colour bead is specially made to fit the seams which swirl round the figure ............
Little did I know that Niki de Saint Phalle was the reference point for this aesthetic interpreted by David into his trademark dynamic design. I found out this golden nugget of information from David himself when I visited his studio last week to borrow a couple of the pieces for a shoot. He explained that the basis of his work has a cultural origin for discerning enthusiasts to appreciate but equally his emphasis is to create garments that can translate to any eye. He puts together harmonious structures that result in instantly pleasing and progressive pieces. If a fashion editor can detect the initial inspiration and a non fashion related female can fall for a dress purely for its purity, then he feels that he has fulfilled his own enforced protocol.
David has a fine art training and his work practise still witholds elements from this discipline and perspective. When initially putting together a collection he designs each look to formulate the entire running order knowing exactly how the final result will materialize. When he later consults with his stylist he sees it as a relationship between an artist and curator.......... his canvases need framing and hanging..........which results in the casting, makeup / hair and then onto the final edit and arrangement.
So it comes as no surprise that the starting point for his S/S 10 show came from another artist Niki de Saint Phalle who herself was influenced by Gaudi. The skirt here with the circular eye panels took shape from the architectural elements Niki built to look like a face. In hindsight, David wonders how he managed to orchestrate sourcing and producing the glass components let alone transporting the delicate accessories around and keeping them intact. Each season he takes on a new challenge to conceive unseen constructions that will be a perfect combination of radical invention and progression from previous developed patterns. Apparently this multicolour combination may be something unique and not revisited for a while in the evolving chapters of his course. Although that saddens my little colourful heart to hear such a thing, I know that David's propensity for textures will always keep me satisfied and surprised!
It was a magic experience discussing the industry with a vision like Koma's - listening to his very particular stance on experience and expectation. His absolute consolidated honesty and pragmatic approach was very refreshing and awakening. He had great admiration, affection and gratitude to share in relation to Louise Wilson who he has loyal companionship in continuing mentoring. To hear a personal account of how Louise operates was an insight into the OBE and the world of the CSM MA that gave David his first platform. Sitting amongst boxes of his archive that had just been delivered back, I would have liked to rifle through the rails......... but was pleased as punch to be leaving with these 2 personal favourites! I cant wait to see his next S/S show...............!

(top two images dragged from Niki's website.........)

Weds 11th Aug: Super Caterpillar

Whilst Im posting my own wares, here is my archive S/S 09 Dahlia Fantasia caterpillar necklace currently on sale over at Supermarket Sarah.......... each one took a few days to make so there are only a few in existence so this price is a BARGAIN! Catch that Caterpillar before it pupates and flies away.........

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Tues 10th Aug: DARKROOM online

The Darkroom concept store has just launched its online shop which has a selection of the pieces held in its London boutique to make the products available worldwide. Here are the designs I made specially for their "Into Africa" collection in April using printed silk that Brie Harrison drew up for our collaboration on this project.
I absolutely LOVE the aesthetic and idea of The Darkroom with its graphic style and niche assembly of accessories and home interior artifacts. The range ammassed includes names such as Borba Margo, Fleet Ilya, Florian, MFP [Maria Francesca Pepe], Scott Wilson, Stærk

Browse the whole shibang here.

Tues 10th Aug: Craigy Darling

I turned round yesterday and saw Craig trying on someone else's sunnies...........I ruffled his fringe and voila, a Warhol mirage materialized before my eyes..........if only he'd been wearing a breton top..........but I don't think that will ever happen, unless it were to have a faded out otter printed on it..........

Monday 9 August 2010

Mon Aug 9th: The Big Chill with ROWDY SUPERST*R


(Thanks to ROWDY SUPERST*R for his report from The Big Chill Festival where he performed on Friday and stayed to see Patrick Wolf on Saturday..........check out the track ROWDY wrote for the new Fanny & Jessie fashion film "Vaniloquence" shot by Danny Sangra and read his interview at TEST magazine)