Sunday, 16 March 2008

Saturday 15th March: Lyndell's Fantasy Theme Birthday

The hair stylist Lyndell Mansfield had a fancy dress birthday party in the theme of fantasy which gathered many varying and hilarious was tricky to know who was behind the costume. Here she is opening one of her cards and again with Chloe Kerman and Georgina Graham. The prize for the best dressed duo had to go to Leith Clark and James Hatt(er) who looked very at home in their chosen Lewis Carroll alter egos. Im not quite sure what I was, but I wore the iridescent blue butterfly wings we made last year and pulled together lots of blue left-overs from the VIVA installation............which I stuck in my hair and glued to my face........... my eyebrows are now slightly balder after ripping off the sequins I had decorated them with!

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