Saturday, 26 April 2008

Saturday26th April: Quant Dissertation

Im at home and have remembered to dig out my mum's project on Mary Quant from 1967 (have wanted to blog this for some time). It includes original magazine tears, cosmetic boxes, swing tags, labels, knitting patterns,and stationary. "It is her regard for practicability which I most admire and the fact that she puts great thought into her designing. She has not only created a 'look' but a way of life as well". Now I just have to dig a bit deeper to find some pictures of my mum at the time to see what she means!............. I think white lipstick is going to crop up! (sorry these photos are back to front)

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plush patterns said...

hi ya - woow I love your mum's Mary Quant stuff makes me realize why we are keeping things like this - it's so cool to have all the original bit's - your mum's a dude! x

P.S. - press day looks wicked ! x