Monday, 19 May 2008

Sun 18th May: Skin & Bones

"Skin & Bones" is the fashion/architecture exhibition on at Somerset house this summer. I confess to ignoring the architectural displays to make room in my brain for processing the amount of mannequins on display. In a similar way to the SuperHero's exhibit (both sharing Chalayan Remote control dresses) this is an excellent opportunity get close to beautiful garments. Its a real treat to spend time inspecting show pieces by Junya Wattanabe, V&R, McQueen, Boudicca................not to mention the whole set up from Chalayan/Tomlinson furniture fashion show which was the most exciting feature for me. For fans of Comme and Yamamoto it is very heavy on these designers so hot-step it down there asap.

NB These images are not from Skin & Bones. Photography is not permitted so Ive included my photo of a V&R piece from the Arnhem Biennial. Also from Arhnem, is this outfit by Yoshikazu Yamagata which I just had to include here for its literal reference to Architecture........................

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