Saturday, 21 June 2008

Fri 20th June: Dance the pain away

After Grace Jones, we joined Jamie E17 and hair stylist Charlie le Mindu to see one of his clients the silent disco - the ever cooly coiffed Peaches. On entry you are passed the obligatory headset which allows you to switch channels between the sets of either dj at one time. Or you can just take them off and laugh at everyone dancing to their own beats. Her spinning technique involved squatting on the desk and jumping from deck to deck whilst swigging Verve Cliqot. She finished on a Nina Simone number and handed over to Noel Fielding........I can't tell you who was battling her as I never changed over to find out..........but apparently he played a song from Jungle Book, so perhaps he stole some audiences members for that but its really no contest when Peaches is in residence.........

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