Thursday, 10 July 2008

Thurs 10th July: Fashion DJ's

Yesterday "fashion dj's" hit the airwaves for a 3 day programme organised by I missed the day session but was blessed when I tuned in for the night's entertainment to get me through a pile of agonising paperwork. The time flew by listening (and laughing) along to the Boombox karaoke star "The-O" and his rendition of Macy Gray. It didn't matter that the performance wasn't visual as you normally encounter with his outbursts, because his voice was so hilarious. So in this way, it was quite unique.

This was followed by a desert island disc type session with Peter Saville which held some great tunes ("Road Runner" Jonathon Richman) and anecdotes (flying to San Francisco overnight for a meeting with Paul Macartney) . I had no idea that Saville was responsible for Wham artwork! Or that George Michael wrote, performed and mixed all the tracks himself!?

I'm looking forward to Stephen Jones and Simon Foxton's turn on the decks today and then Paloma Faith and Michael Clark tomorrow.................check the link for the full schedule.........

(Here is a pick I took of The-O and Chycca earlier in the year)

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