Monday, 25 August 2008

Mon 25th Aug: Fashion In The Mirror

I finally made it down to The Photographer's Gallery for the fashion exhibition. I wish there was actually an official Fashion Photography Gallery permanently. I would be in heaven!
As is the magnetism of London life, I bumped into Penny Martin (Editor In Chief @ SHOWstudio). She is going to be hosting an evening discussion about the show with the Curators and Photographer Joanthan de Villiers on Tues 2nd Sept.
Jonathan shot the artwork for Roisin Murphy's album "Overpowered" which has the Sandra Buckland and Nazir Mashar combo on the cover. Nazir Mashar is the featured artist on today's schedule of FutureTense on showstudio. Full circle link up there?!

Here is my fashion photography book collection and my flatmates (plushpatterns). Our third house mate (English Literary graduate) also has her novels in rainbow order. The colour crisis is certifiably contagious!

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