Thursday, 7 August 2008

Thurs 7th August: Pigeon or Peacock

I am so lucky to be sent new magazines that editors think I may appreciate. Even better to get an envelope with a jazzy felt-tip address and accompanying blue letter with neon orange stickers that gave me quite an optical trippy read.

So thanks to editor of "Pigeons & Peacocks" John William, I have a fab new periodical to add to this quarter's collection. It is published by London College of Fashion and is a collaboration of students and industry establishment. This 1st issue features interviews with Giles Deacon, Tatty Devine and a great insight into the musings of Gary Card. My 2 favorite fashion stories are seen here, but I cant write about why yet because my copy has already journeyed into other hands. I brought it into my studio to show the others, and it swiftly departed onto another graphic design studio on recommendation.

To get your own copy:

Photos courtesy (nicked) from blog:

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alastair said...

Hi - Cheers for the mention. Just to let you know that the Pigeons & Peacocks magazine now has a website: