Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Weds 13th August: ""This is Krazy! But, oh! It is so Chic."

New York based Brazilian photographer Marcelo Krasilcic has started a new venture. It is a label of goods aptly named "Krazy Chic" which includes thongs, t-shirts, hats, dog outfits, baby outfits, mugs, watches and more..........
Marcelo has a hilarious cheeky/ naughty sensibility and I love the quotes that he included in the press release "“Buying Krazy Chic products changed my life. I have finally found happiness" (also see title of this post).

Instead of attaching images of the products here I have chosen some of his photographic work instead. Marcelo is known for his portrait work (Michael Stipe, Chloe Sevigny etc) and also campaigns for Nike and United Bamboo. Recently he has been developing sculptures comprised from pillows which I believe started from his own pillow collection at home. I don't think its common for photographers to go the extra mile and do their own prop styling, so this has become one of his trademarks. I remember one of the first times I witnessed him shooting was with Nicola Formechetti for Dazed in 2001 and they made little gold wings for his cats to wear in the pictures. CUTE!

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