Friday, 19 September 2008

Thurs 18th Sept: Dazed Digital by Jerry O'Sullivan

An extended version of the interview that is in the current issue of Dazed is now uploaded to Dazed Digital online:

DD: What were your key inspirations behind this range?

I didn’t want to think too much about it or be too affected by anything so I just started making. It’s like when you are in education and you have to do mood boards of research, I just decided to skip all that. There did end up being one recurring theme and that was triangles.

DD: Did you have a muse?

I have had a picture of Anna Piaggi up on my wall as inspiration for a muse; I love her sense of colour.

DD: Is there a message behind your collection?

It is a collection of accessories which are pieces designed for a man or woman to wear in their own way. Some pieces are versatile so although something may have been made as a belt, it could be worn on the shoulder or head, the possibilities are endless.

DD: What type of person is it designed for?

Someone that has a magpie sense of style drawn to special shiny things and someone that has no self doubt in their appearance coupled with total conviction in wearing things as an experience to enhance their happiness. It has been quite a self-indulgent process so ultimately I may have just made them for myself!

DD: What are you inspired by in day-to-day life?

I like accidental things like I saw a lamppost that had danger tape on it and the way it had formed made this nice geometrical pattern.

DD: What influences your own style?

A lot of kids programme’s and books I read when I was little, particularly the pinball machine in Sesame Street and I also like bright colours.

DD: You have worked with Patrick Wolf in the past, what is it you like about him?

He has a totally individual style and manages to pull off lots of different looks. I’ll be interested to see how his style evolves and where he takes it next.

DD: What is the best thing about being Fred Butler?

It’s good to be doing something I have always dreamed of, I feel really privileged to be able to make a career out of being creative. I’m just happy making stuff.

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