Friday, 26 September 2008

Thurs 25th Sept: Good One

After Maki & Chloe's friends painting exhibition opening in Hackney we headed up the road to see Esser play at the Macbeth as part of the Levis "One to Watch". It wasn't until we were en route that Maki disclosed that she had done the set design in the exhibit in the upstairs gallery of The Macbeth! So we went straight upstairs to admire her massive logo for ethical clothing label " Good One". Here is a picture from the early stages of making the letters.
Esser's performance was excellent and I'm so glad I have seen the act the behind the music. They are about to embark on a national tour so be sure to go and search them out before it blows single will be "Satisfied" which they are shooting the video for today.........

(I forgot to add that on our journey we also by chance saw Chloe featuring in a film............ (these are prolific ladies!)..........walking past the gallery of jaguarshoes with a film in the window featuring Chloe dressed as an owl in her friends work "Today I am a Polar Bear". Hanna Waldron's exhibition of illustration and print "Tonight I am an Owl" is on at No.1 Kinsland Road until 18th October.)

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