Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tues 9th September: NYC Fashion Week

As I have a serious case of Big Apple Withdrawal Syndrome, I contacted a few people working at Bryant Park to get some behind the scenes news. Here is Lyndell Mansfield, hair stylist/beauty editor based in London but collaborates with Erin Fetherston on her show at New York Fashion Week. She sent me these backstage pics and there will be a film appearing on style.com. She has returned to London already to start preparation for next weeks busy schedule:

Sunday....Charles Anastase and Potock and Walsh
Tuesday....... Afshin feiz
Wednesday .....Natasha Stoll
Friday .....Osman Yousefzada

I can't wait to see Natasha Stolle's show at Fashion East. After the ceramic alligator skin and goggly eyes from her M.A collection, I bet its going to be a highlight of the week. Not only for Lyndell's hair, that is!

(I have also attached a pic of the lady herself as her distinctive fun, flamboyant style is another talent integral to her persona. In this picture she is wearing a hair pin that I gave her last year..............another instance of job satisfaction from pieces being enjoyed)

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