Monday, 13 October 2008

Mon 13th Oct: Mary Katrantzou

From a post about Athens to one about a London based designer who originates from the city, Mary Katrantzou. I first blogged her work when Michael invited me to the Central St. Martins M.A static show and only 6 months down the line, he now informs me of her success with sales for S/S. No wonder when you see her identifiably beautiful trompe l'oeil jersey dresses in the new zingy bubble gum palette inspired by Jeff Koons. From an "accessories-appreciation-party" point of view, I lay down my hat in respect to the concept and construction of combing jewellery into the digital print. Here are some detail shots of the new collection from her showroom in Paris. Her signature woven bonded silk jersey/wool shifts look to me like a perfect blend of the technological advances in the futuristic patterns but a classic chic sensibility with the interjection of naval stripes. So now the question is what are we going to see popping up from this glossy pop art offering.............will the dresses or necklaces be most popular...........or both..............? (I'll have one of each!) I can't wait to see these graphic punchy pleasures saving the pages of the new season's fashion spreads.

High-Five to Mary for such a fantastic collection and taking the time out of her production negotiations to send me all of these images.

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