Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tues 25th November: Im Back!

Since the inception of my daily(ish) blog I have never neglected entries on a scale of this enormity! I am so sorry! I have had major withdrawal symptoms. I have been totally tied up with work and also it seems that NYC is devoid of any accessible Internet points?!

Whilst touring the prop houses of Manhattan I discovered a real treasure trove to rival any counterpart in London. "Kaplan" was more of a an immense curated collection of interior treats as apposed to a regular inventory of useful items. Every piece was selected according to impeccable "taste" which actually made me question the meaning of that word?! I know mine is regularly questionable but I have a fundamental notion and this warehouse was jam-packed with the best of the best. Better than that, it was organised in colour code!!!!!

So now to the stand out item, that had me reeling in delight. My dream house (albeit doll size...........which makes me think of that Zoolander scene.......how are people going to fit in?)! Look, I can't believe it! Live-edge acrylic walls set in a white frame! If I ever, ever imagine myself on "Grand Designs" this is what I would build! Thank you to Megan Offner for taking these pics for me whilst I wept into my sleeve.

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